My Painting Group

My Painting Group

We all come together on Tuesdays for lessons and camaraderie. There are seven of us generally that have been painting together for up to twenty years. I am the new-be at about twelve years. In Julann Campbell’s garage we paint, talk about art, don’t discuss politics (we disagree), television, movies, food and life in general.

This group is very special to all of us in our lives. We encourage each other, help define our work, work our our painting frustrations and share what is important to all of us.

Julann took from Sergei Bongart, the famous Russian painter and we now try to translate his style with contemporary artists such as C.W. Mundy, Richard Schmidt, Kevin McPhearson and others.

Tuesday has been my favorite day of the week for the last twelve years. I schedule my life around Tuesday. It makes me happy, it challenges me and makes me know I can do better and more.

To quote Malcolm Gladwell, “It takes 10,000 hours (at least) to be an expert at anything.” I am only at about 4,000 hours, so I have a long way to travel before I where I want to be.

Painting every day is now what I want to be doing.


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