Peacock in Portugal

Peacock in Portugal

Painting from a photograph is challenging in the beginning, but add that there is a bit missing from the that photograph leaves more to your imagination. My good friend gave a photograph from her hotel room ion a trip to Portugal that has great memories. To translate the memories into something poetic enough to be a beautiful painting was my project.

In my painting group, we are given the “Arm Pit” award when we take something that may seem impossible to paint and are able to turn it into a lovely painterly work. I got the “Arm Pit” award for this one.

You have to have fun painting!


2 thoughts on “Peacock in Portugal

  1. M Javan says:

    I can see whey you received that lovely award….the painting is stunning! I wanted to see the picture it was painted from and it was definitely disappointing! Thanks for sharing this!

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