Why do you paint a house blue??

Why do you paint a house blue??

Blue has always been my least favorite color, so not sure I decided to paint this blue house. Blue seems such a sad color. When you are sad you are also said to be blue. Why not paint your house a happy color, so every day when you come home to your Haven, you see a happy color?

It is true the blue of the sky (when it is not smoggy) and the blue of the lake or ocean could not be more beautiful sometimes, but the blue of everyday living….

Random thought for the day.

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One thought on “Why do you paint a house blue??

  1. I think blue is a wonderful color. Blue makes me think of a warm summer day with clear blue skies, the blue of the water, the color of a Tiffany box!, and the peacefullness of a quiet blue. Turquoise is a fun happy color. Nothing depressing about blue to me!

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