Quote for the Day

Quote for the Day

Yesterday I took an art class and was to take the second day of the series today, and I had such a negative reaction to how the class was taught I took the ferry to the city, packed up my paint supplies and went home. I couldn’t force myself to stay another day and feel that unsuccessful about my art. I made a comment on my Facebook page and it seems I am not the only artist that has had that happen.

I respect the artists work that I took the class from, but to every explanation she asked: “Does that make sense?” For some reason hearing that statement over and over again was something I could not handle.

Lately I have been so busy taking classes from other people, I am not spending time on my own work. I thought it would be fun to take a lot of different classes, but I forgot with that are a lot of different styles.

When I realized after a long walk on the beach with my son and my husband, I enjoy the social part of a class as much, if not more than often what I learn. So many classes are repetitious with the only variance being a different point of view.

I had not idea how many experts there are on art until I started taking classes. Yes that was a rhetorical statement.


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