Testing the Extent of Your Power

About six weeks ago I took two different painting classes from talented young women.  I realized in taking the class that even though they are quite knowledgeable, I didn’t relate to their style of painting, so had a hard relating to the teachers.

One teacher said about a hundred times during the first day of class “Does that make sense to you”?  By the time I heard it about 50 times I lost interest in the class, did not hear what she said and did not go back the second or third day.

The other teacher could do nothing but find fault with any thing I did in the class.  I have honestly never had that experience before.  My colors were muddy, my composition was bad and it seemed I was the only one with this lack of skill.  As I have forward going watched a few shows she did, I realized that I appreciate her art style, but really personally do not like it.

Then I heard this phrase: “Testing the Extent of Your Power” and it made me think of both the classes.  The teachers were young, most of the students were older and I think they had to feel empowered to think they were teaching you something.  Teaching should be about giving your students the power to think they will succeed and grow better.  It is not to make you the teacher feel better.

Since I took the two classes I have not painted nor drawn anything.  Today it finally dawned on me why.  My ability was questioned with no positive input.  I could do no right.  I will start painting again soon, as I know I should not respond to someone else testing the extent of their power in a negative on me.

Teachers should always find something good, even if they don’t love your style.  There may be something creative done in a way different from what they would do.

Testing the Extent of Your Power

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