Quick sketch for your Journal

Quick sketch for your Journal

When I originally drew this I used pen & ink and added a little water color pencil, but to use as an example in my new book coming out, I wanted to show that it can translate very well into black and white with gray scale.

Value Marker is a tool you can use to see all your photos or artwork in black and white or gray scale. It is an Ap you can use on most smart phones or on your Ipad.

Any tool we can add to gain knowledge is helpful. Learning to look for values in your work can make it much better.

In hand drafting it is important to pay attention to details and to line weight. Darker lines bring your eye to them, and lighter/softer lines help something slightly disappear.

In hand drafting, the darker line represents something closer to the front and the light line represents something not as important or further away.


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