Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Happy Third Wedding Anniversary.

My husband is in Portugal and I am home with the Kingsley Menagerie.

Rusty, our Bernese Mountain Puppy at 12 weeks discovered he could punch the Bullshit Button on our “glass” Noguchi coffee table first thing this morning, as I grabbed that, he ran off, jumped over the barrier and ate all the toilet paper off the roll in the guest room. During my attempt to clean that up, he pooped in the living room while I plugged and unplugged the toilet with his toilet paper.

Cayanne , the orange Siberian Forest cat was busy in my office destroying the shade AND my Airstream collection while I was doing puppy duty. After I shooed her out of my office (actually a little more than gently) she meowed, climbed up on the kitchen counter, took two dog bone treats out of the bowl and carried them throughout the house.

Next duty was the outdoor letterbox. (Need I say more?)

Maybe not the most romantic Wedding Anniversary so far…..

Hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday!


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