As an interior designer color is everything! As a homeowner and designer of my home, how it looks is important to me. This summer we had to replace the shingles on the water side of our beach cottage. Picture #1 shows the replaced shingles in a lovely wood color, which goes nicely with the house colors.

Along comes a painter. I told him I wanted them to look natural.  He had to power-wash the other three areas, which if you notice the lack of black paint on trim, now has to be repainted.  It was bad enough that the builder left out the round window on two ends of the house and garage, but now it looks like a very big seagull dropped more than once.

He idea of clear is shown in the next two photographs.  My idea is now the color combination is VERY bad.   Since I work in design and clients often come to my home studio, having a home where the colors do not work, does not work for me.  My choice is now, do I go ballistic at him, as he thinks it looks “rich” or do I just repaint the whole house ($$$)   The sample he showed me did not change the color of the wood.  When do painters have the right or think they do to change colors you select.

If I were not color expert, I might not mind the BS, but I do.  I told him to give me Value based from 1 to 10 on the two walls.  He agreed that the light and natural wall was about a 2 (1 being the lightest) and his new re-invented color was about a 6.  I told him, he did not have the right to make changes in my choices, but now I am stuck for the moment with a half done job that does not look good.

I also did not appreciate having to clean up cigarette butts from my yard, but that is doable, buy comparison.

Tell me, what would you?

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