John Deere Floor Matts

John Deere Floor Matts

Over 20 years ago one of my best friends in life gave me John Deere car floor matts for a Christmas present. She knew that I grew up on a farm in Northern California and the first “car” I ever drove was a John Deere Tractor, friendly called our “Johnny Popper”. I loved growing up on that farm and riding the tractor with my father, learning good work ethic, laboring hard in the summers and enjoying the fruits of our labor in the winter by the fireplace.

Those matts were in my Porsche 911 that I drove for 19 years till it was totaled some 8 years ago, and they made me smile, even on a gray day with the memories of my father and my childhood. When I replaced the 911 with a Boxter, I went to the wrecking yard and got the matts our the 911, as they were important to me for some strange reason. The Boxter was a challenge, as it always leaked oil and just did not drive the same as the 1986 Red Carrera.

When I sold that car and drove only my Jeep Liberty for several years, they graced the floor of that car. They had become my personal tradition.

Three years ago I finally remarried and for a wedding gift my new husband bought a Red Porsche Cabriolet, so I thought what a great place for my John Deere matts, but they were requested to stay in my Jeep.

A year ago we sold the Jeep and leased a shiny new Red Mercedes for me to drive. Boy, those John Deere matts looked good in that car. But every time my new husband got into the car, he grumbled and repositioned the matts as they really were not made for a Mercedes.

Today, as I put away my Christmas decorations, knowing no one was coming for Christmas, I decided that my John Deere tradition of the floor matts should go away too. Today for me is a day for changing traditions and letting go.

My John Deere floor matts are in the bottom of the recycle bin and will be interesting to see if anyone but me notices the difference.

May your new year be full of new traditions, no sad farewells and the strength to accept changes as they come your way.


Aftermath:  My husband read my blog and did not realize the significance of my John Deere Floor Matts.  He went out to the recycle and reclaimed them, cleaned them and reinstalled them.  That is the best Christmas Present ever!!


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