The New Year is coming

The New Year is coming

In the gray of the morning, a little pink came out to surprise us with the joy of nature. It is quiet in our house now, with my grand daughter having gone back to San Francisco on the 22nd. All the toys are stored, and the quiet of the morning is almost overwhelming.

Little children bring such amazing joy to your life, with their exuberance in the questions about everything. Everything is new and wonderful to them. When we are young we see things so very differently than we do as we become adults. It is too bad we can not keep some of the innocence as our lives grow with our age.

The first day Claire left, I enjoyed the quiet, (sort of) but by the second and third I missed the joy of her laughter, the questions about everything and the hugs and kisses.

As my house recovers from our colds, and life gets back to “normal” I pause to wonder, what can we do to bring the joy that children see on daily basis into our lives?


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