Something To Be…

Something To Be Said
Posted on Sep 10, 2010

The longer I live the more I’m amazed
How folks get hooked on the latest craze
I want to get away from all the hassles
But I’m a little burned out on castles
Guess it’s that time again
time to be free again.
There’s something to be said about Airstreams
A rolling home made out of silver
There’s something to be said about Airstreams
Aww who’da thought art, was a trailer.
Over the hill, a paper sack
I want me a big ol’ Cadillac
to haul all my demons and dreams and
listen to silence
maybe I’ll stop in Needles
say hello to my people.
When the sun hits her right,
She’ll blind you with her light
a beacon of royalty, ooooh
Yeah she’s like a Van Gogh
or an old Picasso
oh what a sight to see

Song by Shelby Lynne


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