Leah’s New Dress

Leah's New Dress

As I continue sewing and exploring fabrics and patterns I am starting to discover some things about modern patterns. Some leave out important instructions, some (like this one one) take too much fabric and could have been designed to have the same effect using a lot less fabric. If this dress were made for a two year old it might be too heavy for her to wear comfortably , even in a lightweight cotton.

Next on my horizon is buying mannequins the sizes of my three granddaughters so I can make the dress, and play clothes to fit even though they are not here.

Last night after a quiet Easter, thinking about Easter’s in the past I realized I missed the egg hunts and Easter Brunches when my sons were small and now so look forward to having them once again as my two granddaughters come back form New Zealand, and hopefully my granddaughter Claire can come or move closer. Having time to spend with these beautiful girls is so rewarding.

Easter is a time for family and friends, and I can honestly say I missed mine this year, but it was nice to spend time making something for one of my special granddaughters.


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