Airstream Potholders


Since I am always making something for someone else, I decided it was time for some new Potholders for my own lovely kitchen.  Making these reminded me of years ago when I was determined to make the perfect crepe.  I made one; I made two; I made 20, I threw the pan across the room and the 21st attempt produced the first perfect crepe.

My temper has mellowed and throwing away the first three or four potholders did not produce the effect of picking up my sewing machine and wanting to throw it and/or using a variety of swear words to express my feelings.

As you grow older, you know eventually you will make it work or not and move on without extreme emotional responses.

That is where I feel I am in my life right now.  Retirement sounded good at the time, but two years later I miss the challenges and successes of working.  I miss producing income on a solid basis and I miss more interaction with people of all backgrounds.  Having finished my Phd, I miss the challenge of the classes and researching and writing papers and I wonder what next in this life?

There must be more to life than making Potholders for fun??

Airstream Potholders

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