Jammies for Granddaughters

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Finally having granddaughters, it is such a joy to make fun things for them.  Last week I made four nighties in flannel for my three granddaughters.  I remember when I was young and my mother and I would go shopping in San Francisco after the summer.  I would have worked all summer and saved every penny.  Having about $1000 to spend, our first stop would be the Lanz shop on Maiden Lane.  There I would buy my first winter nightie and one year, the year before going to college I bought the most beautiful black dress and coat with gold buttons.  Wish I could find such a nice one now.

Making these for my granddaughters reminded me of that loving experience and of then hoping and praying I would get another one for Christmas.  To this day I love Lanz nightgowns.  They bring back cozy nights of sitting in front of a real fireplace snuggled up and reading a great book.  My dad making popcorn in the fireplace and all of us enjoying the time together.

No more real fireplace, so maybe the nighties, made in the style of Lanz nighties will bring fond memories to my three beautiful granddaughters in the future.  Think I better find some nice Christmas flannel to make three more for a Christmas surprise.

Jammies for Granddaughters

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