Claire is coming to visit


Sewing is my new passion.  I love finding T-shirts from the Goodwill and Vintage fabric and making a modern dress for my three (almost four) year old granddaughter.

These are both from previously slightly used T-shirts and fabric I found vey inexpensively in an antique shop near Shelton, Washington.  Tomorrow I may make matching hats.

Have you noticed I have an obsession with Airstreams.  The dress on the right has a little Airstream appliquéd to the front.  I was making Airstream potholders and thought this could easily be adapted to a dress front.  And here it is.

I am not sure from where my obsession/fascination with Airstreams comes, but I love this American Icon and even though I don’t own one, the thought of it just makes me smile.  Maybe that is what I need to do next in life.  IMG_8099

They keep showing up in my Pinterest, and on my blog.  These are three more Airstream Potholders made this afternoon.  They just make me smile and lately I have needed a little help with that.

In one week, I lost a diamond out of my wedding band, lost my favorite initial necklace (made in England and $$$$), my iPod, my Fitbit and may favorite Purple Leather notebook. I don’t have dementia, but I certainly have trivial property loss.  Just glad I don’t have “brain loss”.  I have also learned by this point in my life they are just material things, and maybe some of them can be replaced.  But DANG!!

Claire is coming to visit

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