Small things to Make you smile


It is surprising how much can change in a day or two in our lives.  Last week I lost several items that I really enjoy.  Today I am here to say, some were found, some were replaced and all is better in the world.

My favorite necklace was found on the floor under the bed.  When a chain link broke and the bed fell off in bed certain new kittens apparently found this new object of affection tumbling and playing with it under the bed, till it came to the edge where it was exposed.  Wah Lah the necklace was discovered.  Here are the culprits.  How can you ever be upset.  Meet Picasso and Gertrude new additions to the Kingsley household.

.         IMG_8097             IMG_8094

Next my Pod and Purple Leather notebook were found in a drawer seldom used, but hidden away quickly when guests were coming over. Neatness freak strikes again, and perhaps a little early dementia (Oh I hope not??) but they are back and in use with a new book in the car for my driving pleasure.

Mixer center replaced and then a catalog came and they make the same one in Metal, not plastic, so it is on my have to order list.  Good bye plastic, but the idea is fantastic and it WORKS!


Fitbit arrived after a new one was found on Ebay under normal price.  It only took about an hour to update my Fitbit to my new one online.

Now if only the doctor I sold four paintings to three months ago, would actually pay me for the art now hanging in their offices; all would be well in the world.  Any other artist ever have this happen to you?  Sold the art in a show, the buyer made the first payment to the establishment which kept their complete commission and I received $140 out of the $1000 payment.  $1700 still owed, now for three months with no response to email or billing.  Any ideas?

Small things to Make you smile

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