And sometimes we just have to ENJOY!

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Sometimes I am in awe of our beautiful surroundings and what nature freely gives us to enjoy.  This morning is one of those mornings.  This is the view I wake up to in the Fall.  Cold crisp mornings with glorious views.


Icicles are one of natures wonders that we see lots of in the Pacific Northwest and what a joy to view from inside looking out.  Of course with the change in temperature there are often  a few surprises that we get to deal with, like the frost on your car windows and yesterday it was a broken faucet with water shooting across my front porch.  Guess husband did not turn off water and I did not notice (should have looked) and the frozen water shot my hose across the yard freeing the water to gloriously flow at a very rapid rate.  It was funny to walk around the corner, see the fountain and know you had to deal with it.

Thank Heaven for hot water and pliers, as it took both to turn off the water.  Just a little sidetrack on an otherwise sunny and freezing day in Kingston.

And sometimes we just have to ENJOY!

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