Madrid Does Not Sleep


Madrid does not sleep and neither did we.  This chirpy/creepy little street entertainer was outside our balcony, below our window in Madrid the second night we were there.  She chirps songs with something like a kazoo in a very high pitched manner and then kicks out at people occasionally.  For some reason I did not find her very funny!  There were lots of Street Entertainers at night in Madrid, on every street corner.  A couple were clever, but most were attired in an interesting manner and did nothing.  I offered the one below our window 5 euros just move to a slightly different location.  She did move about four or more hours later, but was very happy to receive the five euros.

In our first hotel in Madrid, for fresh cool air, you needed the window open, but with the window open there came the constant hum of the people walking below.  It was a Friday night and people walked the streets and smoked cigarettes till about four in the morning.  We walked with the crowd earlier in the evening, but it was like being at Disneyland on a very busy day in the summer without the entertainment.

We lasted two nights and decided to upgrade to another hotel.  It was beautiful, but the window was five feet up, so there was no view.  The amenities were lovely, with thick towels, two TV’s and a light that went on every time you walked by the closet.  It was one of the most modern/slick hotels I have stayed and somehow it managed to be friendly and sort of cozy.  I do love to see out my window, as I am not a cave sleeper, so that was a bit strange.

If you go to Spain, go to the smaller cities as they are clean and beautiful.  The whole time I was in Madrid I could not get rid of the smell of smoke and diesel, as everyone smokes and drives diesel powered cars.   I think I showered for two hours when I got home from this last city.

Cartagena, Pamplona and San Sebastian were amazingly beautiful.  If it were not for getting to view Guernica by Picasso in the art museum, I would put Madrid as a do not bother to visit big city.

Here are some of the other Street Entertainers in Madrid.  I did not photograph Minnie or Mickey, but they were there too and ready to be photographed at your side for $$$.


The guys with the canvas had all sorts of purses and T-hirts that they could pull a string and it became an instant bag and off they ran when the police came near.  Didn’t buy anything….


IMG_8621 IMG_8629 IMG_8630 IMG_8631 IMG_8633 IMG_8634 IMG_8641 IMG_8644 IMG_8645 IMG_8658

Loved the small beautiful cities and would travel to see coastal cities long before going back to Madrid. Be sure to have an appreciation for Tapas (all with bread) and Iberian Ham. I lost five pounds on the trip.  Guess you cannot survive on wine alone.  Next time I am taking my own travel coffee maker, as nowhere did they have one in the room.

Madrid Does Not Sleep

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  1. Debby Wilson says:

    I would like to take a helicopter into downtown Madrid, spend a week at the Prado w/Goya, Velazquez & their buddies, and take some tapas to go back to the ‘copter. Enjoyed reading all your postings and especially connecting Tuesday — THIS TIME OUR ASSOCIATION WILL BEAR FRUIT, I FEEL IT!!



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