Start the New Year with an Adventure


As I have grown older in life I am realizing that it is the adventures in our lives that we treasure, not the possessions.  For Christmas over the years, I have taken my sons on adventures like hot air ballooning (and I am afraid of heights), skiing, out to dinner at wonderful places, cooked great dinners together, attempted camping (but that was in summer and not so successful), river rafting and on a couple road trips.

Now that they are grown and moved on to their lives, these are the things I remember the most and they seem to Too!

Life is not about waking up every morning and wondering what you are going to do, it is about planning your next adventure.  Travel to far away places, different cultures, new and exotic foods and enjoy the moment.  I love running with my granddaughter, laughing in the grocery store and feeling the freedom to make a fool out of myself, if I so desire.


My friend does upside down Christmas trees in her store every year and I love the idea that everything does not have to be how you think it should be.  Life turns our daily life upside down, and that can be a good thing that we accept or something that makes us stressful and unhappy.

I choose the upside down Christmas Tree approach, love where you are what you are doing or Change It.

Start the New Year with an Adventure

Granddaughters are the BEST!


Having raised three sons on my own and NO girls, it is so much fun to have granddaughters.  They are all here next weekend for four days, so we are baking cookies, each in their apron made by Grandma, going to Peter Pan and then off to the Nutcracker Ballet in Seattle.   Made dresses for that too!


Here are the dresses for Claire (4), Leah (9), and Holly (6).  We should have a great time.  Hope to make lots of fun memories for my girls.  I think adventures are much better than presents!

Granddaughters are the BEST!

Missed the Deer…..


Bond road was exciting a few minutes ago? Was just driving to Kitsap Bank to drop off my Christmas gift for a three year old, when out of nowhere a deer jumped directly in front of my Mercedes. You immediately envision all they things that could happen to you, your car or the deer as you SLAM on your breaks, forgetting to wonder if there is a car right behind you. Thank Heavens there was not, and luckily no car coming the other direction. Wow. My car has good breaks, but I did end up in the other lane and the deer continued on its merry way. No damage to anyone, just a little adrenaline rush.

Missed the Deer…..

The Hate & Love Relationship with Shower Doors


This is where I ask you if you have ever had a Love/Hate relationship with anything in your home.

Mine is the shower door.

I love the look of a glass door.  Clean lines and you can see the tile in the shower.  I have always hated shower curtains and the mold that often grows on them. The disadvantage of the glass door is that I do not like the fact that every time you take a shower you have to wipe down the shower door, so it does not look totally spotted.

Often on the weekends I will jump in the shower first, so my sweet husband is the last showerer and gets the glorious responibility of having to wipe down/squeegee the glass door.

I would like a solution for this.  Rain-ex does not work.

The Hate & Love Relationship with Shower Doors

Do you realize it is harder than you might think to break a window?


Until this morning I thought it was so easy to break a window, as my sons had broken a few with baseballs and etc over the years.  This morning I was locked out of our garage, as someone locked the lower lock, not the dead lock and there is no key for that new lock.  All my tools were of course locked in the garage, so no drill to rill out the lock, no hammer to break the window and not sure how to go about doing it.

Took my meat cleave with a towel and hit as hard as I could about ten times with no result.  Stood and looked at the window for a while and thought I might just throw a nice big rock and see what happens.  Happens it broke the first layer of the thermal window, but had to throw it a second time to get all the way through both layers.

It actually felt good when it worked, as I had to make it to an appointment.  I never did like the mullions in this window and thermally it had failed, so maybe it was a good thing.  A new window will go in next week and those ugly mullions were pretty much destroyed by the rock.  Rock is my friend today.

Do you realize it is harder than you might think to break a window?



Growing up in a rural farming community, we all got together for Thanksgiving and for Christmas.  Family, extended family, aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbors all brought their special food to share on these two very family oriented days.  We gave thanks that we had health, not particularly wealth; but we all had the joy of spending time together sharing stories, food and joy.  As I grew older, going to college, losing my father, watching my own mother deteriorate with bi-polar disorder I noticed the get-togethers were den-dolling. We just didn’t get together anymore.  Grandparents were getting older, aunts and uncles did not want to take on the responsibility, so what happened I am not sure.  I moved further away to continue my studies and had dinner with a cousin while in LA, but there was no extended family invited anymore.  They were either less, or not close.  I often wonder what happened to them all, as I have never kept in touch.

As I married, my late husband was close to his family, so they became my family and as we grew our family we all got together.  We tried to include my own mother, but it was difficult as she suffered from bi-polarism and no longer related to the outside world.  My brother eventually married and they added to our circle of holiday celebration.   Once again time passed, we added friends to our celebrations and it felt like home to me.

At forty I was widowed, and it seemed my extended family went away.  I kept trying to have the holidays, but the joy was no longer there for me for many years.  A few close friends stayed, but living far away we did not get together for holidays.  Often it would be just my boys and me for the celebration and as they grew older and moved on in their lives, coming home for the holidays was no longer important to them.  I watch families get together on the holidays on Facebook and am sad that mine are no longer with me on those two days a year.  We talk and I hear about their parities or where they went, but somehow it makes me sad that I am no longer a real part of it all.

I used to look forward to the happy days together.  This year I cooked for two days, for my one son and my husband and we sat down and were done in fifteen minutes.  What do you do to make the holidays a celebration as you get older?  Moving to another small city I seem to have lost the friends I had that lived a mere ten miles away.  Guess life changes and you either accept the changes or do something to change it.  You can’t do it over and it does no good to complain.  No one listens or they think you are a grump.  I am not complaining, I am just wondering what you do to make it better.  Maybe I need a new community.