The Hate & Love Relationship with Shower Doors


This is where I ask you if you have ever had a Love/Hate relationship with anything in your home.

Mine is the shower door.

I love the look of a glass door.  Clean lines and you can see the tile in the shower.  I have always hated shower curtains and the mold that often grows on them. The disadvantage of the glass door is that I do not like the fact that every time you take a shower you have to wipe down the shower door, so it does not look totally spotted.

Often on the weekends I will jump in the shower first, so my sweet husband is the last showerer and gets the glorious responibility of having to wipe down/squeegee the glass door.

I would like a solution for this.  Rain-ex does not work.

The Hate & Love Relationship with Shower Doors

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