Start the New Year with an Adventure


As I have grown older in life I am realizing that it is the adventures in our lives that we treasure, not the possessions.  For Christmas over the years, I have taken my sons on adventures like hot air ballooning (and I am afraid of heights), skiing, out to dinner at wonderful places, cooked great dinners together, attempted camping (but that was in summer and not so successful), river rafting and on a couple road trips.

Now that they are grown and moved on to their lives, these are the things I remember the most and they seem to Too!

Life is not about waking up every morning and wondering what you are going to do, it is about planning your next adventure.  Travel to far away places, different cultures, new and exotic foods and enjoy the moment.  I love running with my granddaughter, laughing in the grocery store and feeling the freedom to make a fool out of myself, if I so desire.


My friend does upside down Christmas trees in her store every year and I love the idea that everything does not have to be how you think it should be.  Life turns our daily life upside down, and that can be a good thing that we accept or something that makes us stressful and unhappy.

I choose the upside down Christmas Tree approach, love where you are what you are doing or Change It.

Start the New Year with an Adventure

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  1. I like your view on things. The upside Christmas tree approach is a wonderful way to think of it too. Even when things are upside down, they can still be beautiful.

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