Asthma forces finding new homes

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Love these guys, but they brought my asthma back.

These are the two best cats I have ever had. Picasso is a Tuxedo and Gertrude (after Gertrude Stein – Picasso’s Mentor and good friend) is a Calico. They are neutered, spayed, front de-clawed, have shots, have never missed the litter box, are purring machines and I love them to pieces, but cannot breathe if around them very much.

With heavy heart I have to find them a home. They have never been separated, so would like to see them together. They come with food, a cat tree, litter box (and litter) and lots of love. Please help me find a good home for them. 

I get to keep them or get to breathe. Had not had a asthma attack in ten years, but as they are changing from kittens to cats, it came back. They are about four months old. They are irresistible!

Please let me know if you know anyone that would love to add two gorgeous loving cats to their home.  Must be local.

Asthma forces finding new homes

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