Enjoy the details in life

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How often do you walk so quickly through life that the beautiful details surrounding you whiz by without you even noticing.  It is more than “Stopping to Smell the Roses”, it is looking around to find happiness in the smallness of our being, they joy of seeing something in a different light.

Selfies have helped us to stop and enjoy the moment.  Waiters in restaurants actually complain that it takes people longer to order and eat, as they are taking photos to share. As a cook that takes joy in the presentation of food, I am glad to see so many perfectly presented dishes/meals shown on restaurant reviews and on Facebook.  It means that someone noticed the time and effort you took to make it look edibly delightful.

Walking outside today, I was feeling a little blue that my kitties had to find another home (one too many asthma attacks), but I stopped on my way out of my yard to enjoy the raindrops clinging to dear life on the boughs of my curly willow tree.  It is a feast for eyes.

Just thought I would share it.

Enjoy the details in life

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