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Beach in Black & White

For many years I took classes with a wonderful impressionist artist and enjoyed the time and progress that I made in the class and the other artists that came to paint and learn. I live on the beach and love my morning, evening and anytime of the day view out my back window to the beach beyond.  Over the years I have photographed it and shared the photos here and on Facebook.

Taking the class I wanted to paint the scene in different moods and shades and colors, as it was always changing.  I painted it about three times and our teacher decided for me that I could no longer paint it in class.  I went along with it because she was the pro.  I left that class about three years ago due to political differences.  If we disagreed with her political beliefs we were yelled at, put down and not allowed to say anything in response as it was her home (garage) where we painted.

Time has passed and I do know I learned a lot about colors and how to mix them from her and from watching fellow artists; but I also have since thought about how many times Monet painted haystacks or a cathedral at Rouen in France.  No one told him he could not paint a subject he was fascinated by.  Kevin McPherson, a contemporary artist produced a book called “Reflection on a Pond”, where he painted his own pond 365 days in a row.

Yesterday having passed the real estate broker’s exam, and not being in my studio other than to sew I spent the afternoon painting my interpretation of my view.  I just repainted my master bedroom in gray and have the desire to do a series of paintings in black, white & gray, with maybe one accent color.  Here is the first of this series.  I was inspired by another painting I did earlier called Airstream, that my youngest son loved, so I gave it to him.


Now I am finally inspired to paint again for the sheer joy of it with no intention of running all over trying to sell it or put up another show.  I will post on my website:, but that is as much as I will do going forward.

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Spring! Glorious Spring!


The first little tiny pop of color came pushing up through the cold this morning, to greet me as I drove back down my driveway.  It always brings a happy thought to think that the tulips will shortly arrive after the Crocus have thrilled us with their sunny surprise, knowing the dead of winter is on it’s way to being over.  Spring is always a happier time for me.

The cold short days of winter will start getting longer with more sunshine and more time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in the Pacific Northwest!


Spring! Glorious Spring!