Power Washing Etiquette

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It is now seven in the evening and I have been working all day.  My neighbor has been power washing for the last two weeks.  One night last week it went on till 8 PM.  I just wanted to have a nice QUIET glass of wine and this fanatic has power washed all day and into the evening again.  Are there any rules about peaceful enjoyment of your property?

I live on the beach and actually own the waterfront and pay the taxes for the right to live here and use it.  Yet a few days ago a couple people hiked to my beach, plopped their backpack beach chairs in the sand and sat on my sand all day.  This year I put up a private property sign to try to keep them from permanently using it.  Ten years of using it every day and it becomes theirs.

Is there etiquite to handle these things or do you just have to put up with the rudeness.  With the beach, i would not mind so much as I do have a sign, but trespassers leave trash behind and don’t think about it for a minute.  It is not different than leaving your dog poop on the sidewalk.  It is all rude!

So as I sit in my house, because the pressure washer makes it too loud to enjoy this beautiful evening, I can feel my blood pressure rise, rather than lower in relaxation.  Maybe I don’t get to relax till the jerk finishes in a year or two.  What could possibly take this long to clean?

Power Washing Etiquette