John L. Scott App for finding the home you’ll love

Everyday I am learning something new about real estate working on my own.  Today was introduced to the coolest app for finding your perfect home or even for comparison shopping.

On your cell phone or iPad type in the browser and you will see all the houses around where ever you are.

You do have to download the app and open it.  You set your search criteria and find your next home.   This is coolest GPS tool!

Download my John L. Scott Real Estate GPS Home Search app for your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device now at
Love this idea for the freedom of looking when and where you want.  So you are out on Sunday afternoon ride or bike ride or motorcycle ride and you like the area you drive through.  Pull up this app and see what property is selling for in the area.
I think you will all like this one.
John L. Scott App for finding the home you’ll love

Hats off to a New Beginning


Sometimes we just have to start over.  When going back into real estate a few months ago, I joined a “team” where I thought I would comfortable.  I thought I would be just selling homes and strictly working with buyers. I love all of it, but working with people is the best part of real estate.  You get to meet people from all walks of life.

I am a happy, but calm person and loud explanations just don’t resonate well with me.  I discovered that discussions in this manner no longer worked in my life, so I have taken off the hat of a team, pictured above and moved on to do my own thing in my own happy and calm manner.

Diana Goddess update

The umbrella is gone and I am going to have a great time “out in the rain” growing my real estate and interior design business.  Hopefully people will understand and appreciate the benefits that come from working with not only an experienced real estate broker with high ethical standards, but with a professionally experienced interior designer.

Having designed and built four homes for myself and as spec homes, I understand the process of building and construction.  Having designed those homes from the ground up I know what it takes to make a space work. Teaching for eight years at The Art Institute of Seattle helped me learn how to share knowledge with other people.  Publishing a book taught me organizational skills beyond the norm.  (Please check out “Drafting for Interior Design” at Amazon and many other sources.)  Working with clients the first thing I always remember is listen to what they want, not what I want.

Not only as an interior designer, but as an artist the proper use of color fascinates me and would love to help my clients work beyond the colors you see in so many homes to one that sings to them.

So here I go and here is the first post card I will be sending out to anyone and everyone I can think of.  Please send your address to me at if you would like to be on my mailing list.

Postcard Front OnePostcard one back

Cheers to new beginnings!

And by the way every client buying or selling a property with me will receive a original hand drawn for you from your favorite angle of your new or old home so you have it for loving memories.  Here is one I recently sent to Australia.

Hungerland finished

Hats off to a New Beginning

Selling homes

Whelan Home Drawing

Last month I sold my first home in several years on Bainbridge Island to a lovely couple from the Seattle area.  This was the drawing that I did of their home as a housewarming gift.  It is so fun to work with people you enjoy.

I have been working more recently with a former Art Institute interior design student.  It has been so fun showing her new family homes.  Hope we find the perfect one for her soon.  I love the enthusiasm of a first time home buyer.  I remember buying my first home with my late husband.  I did everything wrong, but I think it was my favorite home ever, and wish I still had it.  It was a very contemporary home in Del Mar, California.  Maybe I should a do a series of drawings of all the homes I have lived in and loved.  Nice memories.

If you want a special gift for your real estate client, ask me to do a pen & ink drawing of their home.  $250 framed.

Selling homes