Selling homes

Whelan Home Drawing

Last month I sold my first home in several years on Bainbridge Island to a lovely couple from the Seattle area.  This was the drawing that I did of their home as a housewarming gift.  It is so fun to work with people you enjoy.

I have been working more recently with a former Art Institute interior design student.  It has been so fun showing her new family homes.  Hope we find the perfect one for her soon.  I love the enthusiasm of a first time home buyer.  I remember buying my first home with my late husband.  I did everything wrong, but I think it was my favorite home ever, and wish I still had it.  It was a very contemporary home in Del Mar, California.  Maybe I should a do a series of drawings of all the homes I have lived in and loved.  Nice memories.

If you want a special gift for your real estate client, ask me to do a pen & ink drawing of their home.  $250 framed.

Selling homes

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