Abstracting Flowers

Flower Buddies

It is so nice to have the time to paint once again.  I think as you go through life you have to make choices of what is really important to you at that point in time.  I went back into real estate a few months ago, to supplement our income a little.  I didn’t have to make a lot to be happy, just a little.  I missed the interaction with people since I retired and thought this would be a great way to interact, help people and add a little more interest to my life.  I chose a company that found many of the clients by “chasing” lead generation.  So a person signs on to look at a home, and immediately you were to call them.  It seemed a little like “Big Brother” is watching you, if you remember the movie from the book “1984”, and could not be comfortable disturbing peoples’ privacy, so decided to just work on my own.  That being said, I now have time to also do the things I love.

My garden is flourishing, by art is growing, and my life is much more relaxed and happy.  Find what you love and do it.  Don’t think about doing it, just go do it.

Yesterday I bought a second 12 foot kayak too, so my husband could enjoy the relaxing pleasure of being out on the water.  I did not want to order one, wait another week or two, miss another weaker two of this glorious summer.   I wanted it yesterday and I found a beautiful yellow one and they delivered and we kayaked at sunset.


Life is not about what you are going to do tomorrow, it is what you are doing to day.

Abstracting Flowers

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