Vanity Fair


Here is my copy of the latest copy of Vanity Fair.  Where is yours?

In our Divided American culture we now need to be made of steel to hold on to our beliefs in and of America.

I have not posted in quite a while as I followed what I call our failed Presidential election. I have read the fake news, the real news and wonder what news we all want to hear.

You wanted change with Trump’s election and that is surely what we are in for; but I am thinking that it is not the change most of “middle America” had in mind.  Billionaires will be running the country and do you really think they care about you?

I learned a lot with this election:

Being over sixty is an interesting point in one’s life.  You no longer care so much about what other people think of your personal opinions, nor do you care about their opinions. It is a time in life when you start to realize that in our culture maturing and growing older is not a place where much respect is given.  I have been involved in many groups, either work related or volunteering and not until this point in my life have my ideas been directly put down and not in a very nice manner.  It seems if you are older in American culture you are no longer creative in the minds of the younger generation and your ideas could no longer be considered creative.

You need to have a backbone of steel, to not be bothered by this.  I think as I gracefully age I need to put on a suit of armor to feel better about society.  It is a very different society than ten or twenty years ago.

I will close by saying I respect the editor and writers of Vanity Fair for giving us honesty in a time liars.  A sense of humor is more important now, than any time in the past.  Think about that.



Vanity Fair