Kitchen Pet Peeves

I love being in my new kitchen whether baking or just making dinner for my family or my husband. (Family is grown and gone and waiting for Granddaughter to spend the summer) Every time I reach for the Baking Soda container I cringe a little.  It is always a challenge to measure what your need.  Whereas the person who designed the Baking  Powder made it so very easy to use.

So I came up with my own very simple solution.  I made my own Baking Soda container out of an empty Baking Powder container.  I was about to throw the one out that I had just used, had a new one to replace it and the light went off.  I now have an easy to use Baking Soda container.  Note how you can easily level your Teaspoon or Tablespoon on the top.

Hope this random thought of the day simplifies life a little for my cooking buddies.


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Kitchen Pet Peeves

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