Just a little organization…

Just a little organization can make cooking so much easier.  I love organization.  I am told it is a Virgo trait, but I think it is just who you are or aren’t.  When I start cooking, I want to easily find what I might need without taking time to find it.

My pretty pots are all right above my stove on a pot rack, my husband made from a design I created.  It holds copper (mostly for viewing) on one side and All Clad on the other side.  Works great!


My huge restaurant pots from my restaurant owning days, are in a hidden cabinet. My use everyday big unsightly pots are in the adjacent laundry room on their own rack, where I can close the door when entertaining, but get to easily and quickly when cooking.


My kitchen was recently remodeled and is going to be featured in a local magazine: West Sound Home & Garden, so he editor stopped by to take a few photos.  I am always surprised by what catches someone the attention of someone else.  She loved my pantry.


Here is a panorama of my spices, in alphabetical order, and


of course my cooking supplies, but they are by category, not alphabetically ordered.


Whereas my teas, are separated into decaf and caffeinated and in order alphabetically.  I think I like order in my life and in my kitchen.  It just makes it all easier to cook.

What is your favorite kitchen organization secret?

Just a little organization…

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