Today Show: What to wear girls night out

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The Today Show was on in the background as had a cup of coffee. The topic was what to wear on a Girls Night Out.  I haven’t been on a Girls Night Out in about twenty years, but I do love fashion and after watching the “fashion” shown the other day on another news station I was curious to see their version.

I do have to say if I had to any of these I would most likely just stay home in my stylish sweats.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 2.37.43 PM

Their first outfit was not bad, but if were to go out with friends and drinks were going to be involved I would not be wearing a jumpsuit.  I did that when I younger and part of the top fell in the toilet bowl.  I did not stay out late that night and quite honestly never wore a jumpsuit again.  I do occassionally wear a lovely paint smeared pair of overalls when creating big canvases, but not to go out and use public restrooms.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 2.38.46 PMSeen shot, so not the best photo.  I don’t even know what to say about this combo. I love converse tennis shoes and own about ten pair, but never wear out or out to dinner. I think you should wear clothes that compliment your body type, not cut you half as this one does. Don’t people wear belts anymore.  Dang, I must have about 50, now “out of style” belts.  Of course my waist is no longer my best asset anymore either.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 2.40.13 PMIf nothing else with this outfit, people will see you coming a mile away. Love the colors separately, but together this one gives me a headache.  Love the shoes, but my feet would not like them very long.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 2.41.15 PMActually thought this would be pretty (on someone about 20), but is simple and elegant and looks great on the model. My arms need to be covered, so would not show up in my closet.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 2.43.22 PMHere is their version of LBD or in the real world, the “Little Black Dress” that we should all have in our closets.  I do own a few, but mine fit a tiny bit loser and I think she is a beautiful woman, but a little loser would look better on her too. Clothes should flow softly with your body, not totally cling to it.

The Today show overall was better the Fashion Trends I wrote about the other day. The trend they were showing was how you could dress for not much money and look great. I think either buy less and pay more or shop at vintage shops.

Today Show: What to wear girls night out

Happy Birthday ???

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Yesterday in the mail, I received this book from my only brother as a “Birthday” gift. If you don’t know anything about the book, it is described on Amazon:

“Dinesh D’Souza, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller America, is back with this darkly entertaining deconstruction of Hillary Clinton’s flawed character and ideology. From her Alinskyite past to her hopes for America’s progressive future, the presumptive Democratic nominee is revealed to be little more than a political gangster intent on controlling the nation’s wealth. D’Souza chronicles the sleazy ascent of the Clintons and makes clear what some voters have long suspected: that Hillary is far more dangerous and corrupt than Bill ever was.”

I try to stay away from politics on my blog and will continue to do that. My brother is a stupidly loyal Trump fan and definitely not a Hillary fan. At the start of the presidential campaign he sent email after email against Hillary and for Trump.  I nicely asked him to stop several times and finally just had to block his emails.  I took him off my newsfeed on Facebook, as I did not want to read his rantings of “Fake News”.

So why would someone send this as a Birthday Gift?  I have not idea, so I marked “Return to Sender” and dropped it off at the Post Office.

I am glad it is almost Fall, as it has not been a good summer for me.  I was told if I say anything more about certain family members I will be sued for slander.  I never said anything bad, just a note of what happened. The asthma attack brought on by the fires up north and a dog in the house, was not fun or the trip to Urgent Care. I discovered my neighbor is slowly trying to kill my bamboo, by cutting over thirty stalks at three feet.  I just got this lovely birthday gift and now looking into my fish tank, I think my cat ate George, one of my Betas as he is not in the tank and the Catfish bottom feeder looks quite dead.

So the summer is coming to an end.  The best part of summer was having my granddaughter here for three months. If only all this other shit hadn’t happened, it would have been the perfect summer.

Here’s to Fall.


Happy Birthday ???

Bamboo Bamboo


Neighbors! We all have them. They may be five feet or five miles, but basically we all have neighbors. Most people try to get along with their neighbors as it is just easier that way. I have lived in several neighborhoods in my life. Growing up on a farm, my grandparents were my neighbors.  They were wonderful people so that was a great experience.

When I lived in Manhattan Beach in California I never met one of my neighbors. When one neighbor’s mail accidentally came to our house, I knocked on the door and the person asked me just to put it through the mail slot.  Not so friendly, but luckily we did not live there very long.

Living in Del Mar, California my neighbors became friends. Some of them remained friends till they died. There were no boundary disputes or view disputes. The lot next to us sold and we lost most of our ocean view.  We did not buy the lot, so knew there was nothing we could do. Would you believe an ocean view lot in Del Mar back then sold for $40,000?

Moving to Bainbridge Island we had wonderful neighbors that are friends to this day. They had four children that closely matched the ages of my three, then they had two more. My youngest son and one of their daughters still spend time together and they are in their thirties.

Moving to waterfront on Bainbridge it got a little edgier, with a shared driveway, boundary disputes and even sharing part of a sport court. I sold that house fifteen years ago and they are still having boundary disputes. I will never do a shared driveway again. One neighbor put their trash on top of my trash, so I paid for extra bags till I finally called Waste Management and they went through the trash and the neighbor started paying for their own trash.

Having neighbors can be challenging or nice. It depends on a lot of factors. When you live on low bank waterfront in Kingston, your neighbor is ten feet away from you on each side. There are view covenants so you don’t destroy the view of neighbors and they can’t destroy your view.

Building the home in Kingston where I now live I knew we had a fabulous view and I knew if I set the house back twelve more feet than allowed it would not effect my view.  I did it to be nice to the neighbor. Luckily I did, so now I am allowed to add a privacy wall to my patios.  It is within the view restrictions.

As you can see by the photo, the neighbor two doors over built a deck on the side of his house, as he could not build on the water side of the house because of the view restrictions.  He sits and smokes and talks loudly on the phone, so we just completed this wall upstairs and pictured below the wall we built downstairs.


We can finally eat and entertain with a little bit more privacy. We no longer see the huge Sea Hawk colored basketball/tennis court or the red caboose. Nice!

Bamboo. Bamboo. Several years ago we planted bamboo along our property line. There is a cement wall supporting our neighbors fence, so we knew the bamboo would not spread in her direction. Her house is set back, so we also knew it would not affect her view. We do have a deep barrier on our side of the bamboo, but still fight the spread of it. When my granddaughter is here, we do the “Bamboo Hunt” and when she finds another baby bamboo, she calls out:Bamboo Bamboo”.  I cut it back.

She spent the summer with me, so we did a lot of bamboo hunting.  It always made it fun. Yesterday I was working in the yard, cutting back the new growth, when I noticed I was getting a “hole” in the bamboo that I had not noticed before.


As I walked closer I realized that quite a few stalks of my bamboo had been cut off at four feet or less.  I decided to remove them, as there were so many cut off ones.





Now, I know I did not cut these off, and my gardener had not cut these back, so how did this happen? I think my neighbor must be doing Midnight Gardening?  Legal?

IMG_1361 (1)

This is about two-thirds of stalks that were cut short, and I plan to remove the others today. IMG_1354

I walked down to the beach to see if the bamboo was hanging over in the neighbor’s yard and it was not. I was still a little puzzled. I know she does not like my bamboo, but can she reach two to three feet into my yard and cut my bamboo? Is that legal?

If you live on the beach, legally you cannot have a wall more than four feet high within the first 200 feet of the water, but you can plant anything. I do find it an interesting law, but it is the law. When I lived on Bainbridge one neighbor planted juniper plants right on the property line, blocking my view of the Bainbridge ferry, and there was nothing I could do about it. I could not even cut without that neighbors permission. That is my understanding of the law.

So here I am fifteen years later and I am guessing my neighbor is not only cutting my bamboo, but reaching into my yard and cutting it.  What do you do? You want to try to be a good neighbor, but what does that entail?  For now, I will take the remaining cut bamboo out and just keep an eye for any more cut. Confrontations do not make good neighbors and I have had one too many confrontations this summer already.


So here are the three to four foot remains of what my neighbor cut the tops off. The fire pit is about 2.5 feet deep.  There are about 30 stalks here.  Pretty gutsy neighbor.

I think when we move in a few years I will give up waterfront living and move somewhere, where there are less neighbors.

Bamboo Bamboo

Chickens Make Happy


Meet Henrietta, Hennie and Gertrude new family members this summer. We got set up for them with the visit of my six year-old granddaughter for the summer. Thought she might enjoy watching them grow over the summer.  As it turns out, I like it more.  They are characters with individual personalities.

Henrietta is the black one on the left and she is second in command, followed by Hennie. Gertrude, the white Bantam is the leader of the pack.  She is the first one to try any food, the first one to venture out the door and will meander furthest from the coop.  My neighbor’s seven year-old granddaughter came over and was watching the chickens one day.  She looked at me and said I know why you named the white Gertrude, she is SO rude.

When we first got the chickens I kept getting the black chicken (Henrietta) and the brown chicken (Hennie) confused.  My six year-old granddaughter looked at me very seriously and said:  “It’s easy grandma, Hennie is brown like me”.  I have not confused them since.

When I am working in the garden, I let them out in the sunshine, but have to be careful as we have several Eagles in the area.

I was told that chickens are natural trash disposals and so far that seems true.  I did a little research about what not to feed them, but I find it fun that salad and fruit no longer goes to waster. We grow wine grapes in the back yard so I generally let them have some in the early evening when I am having a glass of wine.  That is their five-o-clock cocktail.

Carrot greens are no longer wasted and they seem to love herbs.  When Claire was here and would not eat bread crusts, they were quickly devoured. The favorite so far seems to be corn on the cob.  They come running when they see me with that.

In this life and at this time when it is hard to find something to smile about, my chickens make me smile.

Chickens Make Happy

Fashion Trends According to The Today Show

This morning watching the news, their stylist shared the newest fashion trends on the show. The first one is the Maximalist. They say: “It’s officially time to forget about the saying that less is more. This fall it’s all about having fun by mixing and matching textures and prints.”

This is where I admit that I must be old, because I think the only nice part of “outfits” is the jacket, but with the green and pink dress?  I could see it with a crisp white shirt and jeans, but silver stilettos?  Talk about the clothes wearing the person, the young woman on the left looks over-whelmed by the fur and hat.  This looks like a winter outfit, so why the bright white patent leather shoes.

The next trend according to The Today Show is “Suiting”. “Menswear inspired looks continue to hold strong into fall. However, this season it’s all about wide leg pants and oversized jackets, which instantly add a modern and fresh take on the trend. If you’re look to give your outfit a feminine touch have some fun with color or girly accents like pearls and shimmer.”

I guess if you like to walk on your pants and not in them, this is perfect. I personally think this look is not so attractive on either or their models.

Their third trend is Disco Fever. “The ’70s are back in the best way possible. Fashion is getting a taste of all things disco with shimmer and glitter. Get ready to shine and do a little dance this fall!”

Where are the white “go go boots”? I had to laugh at this one, as I was in my twenties in the 1970’s and I did wear my skirts as short as the one on the right.  I don’t remember anyone wearing one the length on the left. That is more the length I have to wear now. There were more hip-huggers and bell-bottoms than mini skirts.

If you can go in for a close-up or saw the show please look at the young woman presenting these trends. Note the flowery oversized dress and kind of straggly looking hair.  This is not someone whose opinion I might listen.

I laughed as I watched the “Trends” and did see them in a couple of fashion magazines, but their interpretation just did not make it in my old eyes.  Can’t wait to see you dressed like this at the grocery store.

Perhaps this is why they are called “Trends” and are not classics?



Fashion Trends According to The Today Show

Finding Your Personal Style


People have their own style. Mine is simple and quite plain. If you take a meander through my closet, you will see a lot of black, beige, gray, navy and white. There is not a lot of color in my personal wardrobe. I am not a “fashionista”, but I do like clothes that are made well and fit comfortably and I love to follow current fashion from a distance.

In the summer I wear mostly plain white and beige. I love the look of white for summer and collect pieces every year. I know t-shirts are good for one summer so never spend a lot on each one. Bleach is my good friend as with it white clothing is easier to maintain stainless in the long run.

For winter I wear mostly black, with an occasional navy or gray mixed in. The grayer my hair becomes, the more I like gray. I am short, so a monochromatic look works better than a lot of different patterns or colors.

That being said, I have collected belts, necklaces, bracelets and scarves for years and they do the work of making each outfit have a little different look.

I love simple style, so if you look in my closet you will see little pattern. It may be there, as I collect clothes, but I seldom wear them. This is my take on fashion over sixty.

Helen Mirren is my icon for fashion. She wears her clothes well: they do not wear her. I think that is the most important thing about finding your personal style. Hope to have other people see you first and what you are wearing first.

Finding Your Personal Style

Finding the Fabulous Clothes


So from my blog yesterday we learned we should not wear pants that hit below the waist once you are over 30.  Here is my question: Where do you find jeans that fit comfortably to the waist, have a good cut and look a little in style? I honestly do not know.

Here is the other question, why is it okay for under thirty year-olds to wear these and just let their bulges hang out?

I buy the jeans I can find that fit and luckily enough I am short so they do come higher up on my torso. To find jeans that look good and come to the waist seems a lost cause.

Wearing mini skirts or short shorts at any age is somewhat questionable.  I wonder if many young women look in a rear view mirror when putting on short shorts or mini skirts. I see way too much free floating cellulite on any given day in summer in the Pacific Northwest. It is not a very flattering look.

“Sexy Grandma” t-shirts just are not sexy. As I did my shopping earlier today, one of the things I did notice is that woman of all ages and sizes love t-shirts with writing on them. I did not see even one that looked at all good. I wear them for gardening and cleaning house.  I used to think it was kind of fun, but looking around I think it is kind of not.

Plunging necklines or waist high splits work from about twenty-five to thirty-five.  Younger than twenty-five just looks like you attempting to be a slut, and over about thirty or so who needs to see your wrinkly skin; it is just not sexy.

I never got the “see-through” look.  Why do you have to try and show off everything, even it looks fantastic.  Imagination is a wonderful thing.

In the last view years it seems you can get out of bed and go shopping in your pajamas. I guess that is where the wrinkly look is popular.  I think it is great for someone under five and going directly on an airplane, but adults in jammies is like going to a black tie dinner in jeans.  It is done, but it is not appropriate.

Okay, so I like my gold hoops, when I am not wearing my diamonds.  So many earrings are so foo foo they take away from what you are wearing.  KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid. I know it is really meant to be Keep It Super Simple, but I like the first interpretation.

And finally, if I could bear the pain of walking in heels, I would wear them with everything. I do wonder at what height they could become more of a weapon than a look.

As we mature, looser is better, unless you live at the gym. Calmer is better look.  This morning I saw a very blonde, my age woman wearing the brightness yellow pants and sweater I have seen in a long time. It did catch my attention, but I am not so sure in what way.

As I said before dress how you feel best, but look in the mirror from all angles before you  go out. That toliet paper hanging off the back of your skirt could have been saved.


Finding the Fabulous Clothes

……..Fashion Over Fifty……..

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 8.35.52 AM

Yesterday on one of the social media that I skim every day, there was a link to an article about what you should and should not wear if you are over the age of fifty. With my birthday coming up and growing closer to seventy I read the article. It basically said wear what ever you damn well please, as you are old enough not to care what other people think.

I disagree with the premise of the article, as I think you should wear whatever pleases you ALL your life. Work may give you some restrictions, but when you are not in your work environment, dress to make your heart sing. I have always dressed how I wanted, not how I should. I am short and told not to wear long flowing clothes or big jewelry. I have done both all my adult life. Aging I find I want more comfortably stylish clothes and I find some fitted items, just don’t look quite as good, now that I no longer have that twenty-two inch waist.

The other thing I found very humorous was an article on what to wear in summer if you are over fifty and not one of the models featured in this article was over twenty. Like a fifty year-old is going to look the same after the estrogen has gone and middle has widened a little.

Below, the first photos show a series of women wearing exactly what they want. I am certainly not saying I would wear most of these, but they are comfortable in their own skin. I do like that!

What I did find after looking a while were photos of women looking fabulous over fifty and an inspiration of guidelines to follow.  Dress simply and elegantly. This has always been my attempt at fashion.  If you look in my closet, I don’t have a lot of color and I have mostly non-patterned clothing.

I think the following women look fashionably fabulous.


Having shared that, I think you can find what not to wear at anywhere the best at Walmart. The things I think should be taken out of your closet at any time is anything that you do not feel good in or look wonderful in.

In my case the short shorts and mini skirts left a couple of decades ago, but can look bad at any age as you might notice in this lovely photo?

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 8.57.06 AM

Showing off your mid-section unless you are in perfect shape should not be an option.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 8.55.30 AM

See-through clothing just doesn’t look good on most people. Showing everything is really showing nothing.


Short shorts do not look good on 90% of our population.  Please look in the mirror before you embarrass yourself by going out.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 8.57.23 AM

The most important thing to remember is that other people do not see you as you see yourself.  I once had a hairdresser say to me: “We look in the mirror and we see ourselves as we looked when we were twenty.” Personally that twenty year-old is a fond memory. Every gray hair was earned and every line on my face is from smiling at what life has to offer.

There are a few things I think don’t work on an aging body:

  1. Mini-skirts or short shorts
  2. Low rise pants that exhibit that mid-life roll
  3. T-shirts with “Sexy Grandma”
  4. Plunging necklines or waist high slits
  5. See through anything
  6. Pajama bottoms anywhere but home
  7. I hear hoop earrings should be on the list, but I still wear mine (dang)
  8. Thigh high boots, especially stilettos (do you want to kill yourself

What I do think is good, is anything that looks good on your body and feels comfortable enough to wear for several hours.  Know a good seamstress and alter your clothes so they actually fit.  Remember loser always looks better than tighter, at any age.

Let’s get dressed and hit the town.

……..Fashion Over Fifty……..

Who Wants What



There was an interesting article in the Kitsap Herald this week called: “Who Wants What?” and other things in flux. The article talked about a family trying to figure out who got what when their parent or relative died. It is something that with the events of the summer has been on my mind. I realized what may be of value to us, can be of very little value to someone else. Just because we either received something wonderful as a gift or saved and bought it with our own money, means nothing to many people.

From the days when I lived a more urbane lifestyle I have a collection of beautiful crystal, china and silver. I became aware in the last few years that some younger people not only do not think of it as valuable, they disdain that I have not sold it for the money it would now bring. It is of no value to them. Several years ago, a new family member randomly took a glass from the cabinet to the beach, then left it over night on the arm of the chair by the fire pit, no knowing and not asking if it was okay. I don’t usually take my Waterford to the beach or leave it outside over night. That same visit another new family member used a couple Waterford crystal bowls to put chips on the picnic table just going into the pantry and taking the first thing they saw. Those bowls were a gift from my late husband that he bought as a surprise from a jewelry store going out of business. They fit in the lifestyle we had at the time. They are a fond memory of someone I loved and I don’t take them outside. I was informed I should sell these things and no one should keep glasses or bowls worth so much.

I started looking in to selling as I discussed in another article, but find it is no longer worth what I paid for it. So do you sell or enjoy?

As I approach my sixty-eighth birthday next week I have been pondering what will happen to all the “stuff” I have collected all my adult life. It seems the older I get, the less I want. I love the look of a perfectly clean clutter free countertop, but I do love the feel of drinking wine from a beautiful stemmed Riedel wineglass. For some reason scotch takes better to me in a heavy leaded crystal glass, so I think I will keep these as long as I can enjoy a little glass of something in the evening.

For twenty-five years I’ve moved two big boxes of Lionel Trains to different houses. This last year I offered them to my sons, thinking they would want them. Only one son wanted any of them and he only wanted the four oldest ones; so I sold the rest and lightened my moving load. I started asking my sons this summer, what if anything they might want. My oldest plays chess and wanted the ivory chess set his father bought forty years ago when he was in the military. My youngest said he would like toys from his father’s youth and his fishing rods; so he can have them any time.

And so it goes as I look around my home and wonder if they will want any of it when I am gone? I am thinking of making an excel spreadsheet list with all the good stuff, send it to each of them and see if anyone wants anything, then put the outcome in my will. I do want my own sons and no one else to be left what they want to have. I don’t want to add stress to their already busy lives, by having them have to deal with “stuff”, so I think I will donate what they do not want to a charity of my choice. I don’t want them arguing about “who gets what” or who or how do we sell all this stuff. I would rather see it donated to a good cause, rather than sold at some creepy garage sale like my brother insisted that we do with my mother’s belongings when she went in full time care.

When I go, I want to leave behind good memories and happy thoughts for my family, a few things they can pass on to their families and nothing more.

Who Wants What

“Inadequacy equals hostility and/or superiority”

A friend of many years sent this quote to me and I have to admit it made me smile. My friend is a retired psychiatrist, so the meaning hit home.

The last guests left last night. It was hard to watch my granddaughter walk to the ferry.  She gave me lots of hugs, and kept waving and sending kisses. Moments like that make you know you are a good person.  If you are totally accepted and loved by a six year-old, then the world is good for now.

Now the cleaning must begin, as it seems even the fish tank is dirty.  The chickens are hungry and the cat hair is at all time high. My Dyson Animal vacuum will have be recharged another time to get everything.  The house is quiet and peaceful and I am just loving the day.

I have collected about ten books and I am going to enjoy reading out on my deck. We have a wonderful handyman working to make our decks more private.  (Photos to come)  Our design should let light in, but be hard to see through.  It is exciting, as our neighbor built a deck that looks right into our house.

Think about the quote. It may change how you see the world.

“Inadequacy equals hostility and/or superiority”