Finding the Fabulous Clothes


So from my blog yesterday we learned we should not wear pants that hit below the waist once you are over 30.  Here is my question: Where do you find jeans that fit comfortably to the waist, have a good cut and look a little in style? I honestly do not know.

Here is the other question, why is it okay for under thirty year-olds to wear these and just let their bulges hang out?

I buy the jeans I can find that fit and luckily enough I am short so they do come higher up on my torso. To find jeans that look good and come to the waist seems a lost cause.

Wearing mini skirts or short shorts at any age is somewhat questionable.  I wonder if many young women look in a rear view mirror when putting on short shorts or mini skirts. I see way too much free floating cellulite on any given day in summer in the Pacific Northwest. It is not a very flattering look.

“Sexy Grandma” t-shirts just are not sexy. As I did my shopping earlier today, one of the things I did notice is that woman of all ages and sizes love t-shirts with writing on them. I did not see even one that looked at all good. I wear them for gardening and cleaning house.  I used to think it was kind of fun, but looking around I think it is kind of not.

Plunging necklines or waist high splits work from about twenty-five to thirty-five.  Younger than twenty-five just looks like you attempting to be a slut, and over about thirty or so who needs to see your wrinkly skin; it is just not sexy.

I never got the “see-through” look.  Why do you have to try and show off everything, even it looks fantastic.  Imagination is a wonderful thing.

In the last view years it seems you can get out of bed and go shopping in your pajamas. I guess that is where the wrinkly look is popular.  I think it is great for someone under five and going directly on an airplane, but adults in jammies is like going to a black tie dinner in jeans.  It is done, but it is not appropriate.

Okay, so I like my gold hoops, when I am not wearing my diamonds.  So many earrings are so foo foo they take away from what you are wearing.  KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid. I know it is really meant to be Keep It Super Simple, but I like the first interpretation.

And finally, if I could bear the pain of walking in heels, I would wear them with everything. I do wonder at what height they could become more of a weapon than a look.

As we mature, looser is better, unless you live at the gym. Calmer is better look.  This morning I saw a very blonde, my age woman wearing the brightness yellow pants and sweater I have seen in a long time. It did catch my attention, but I am not so sure in what way.

As I said before dress how you feel best, but look in the mirror from all angles before you  go out. That toliet paper hanging off the back of your skirt could have been saved.


Finding the Fabulous Clothes

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