Fashion Trends According to The Today Show

This morning watching the news, their stylist shared the newest fashion trends on the show. The first one is the Maximalist. They say: “It’s officially time to forget about the saying that less is more. This fall it’s all about having fun by mixing and matching textures and prints.”

This is where I admit that I must be old, because I think the only nice part of “outfits” is the jacket, but with the green and pink dress?  I could see it with a crisp white shirt and jeans, but silver stilettos?  Talk about the clothes wearing the person, the young woman on the left looks over-whelmed by the fur and hat.  This looks like a winter outfit, so why the bright white patent leather shoes.

The next trend according to The Today Show is “Suiting”. “Menswear inspired looks continue to hold strong into fall. However, this season it’s all about wide leg pants and oversized jackets, which instantly add a modern and fresh take on the trend. If you’re look to give your outfit a feminine touch have some fun with color or girly accents like pearls and shimmer.”

I guess if you like to walk on your pants and not in them, this is perfect. I personally think this look is not so attractive on either or their models.

Their third trend is Disco Fever. “The ’70s are back in the best way possible. Fashion is getting a taste of all things disco with shimmer and glitter. Get ready to shine and do a little dance this fall!”

Where are the white “go go boots”? I had to laugh at this one, as I was in my twenties in the 1970’s and I did wear my skirts as short as the one on the right.  I don’t remember anyone wearing one the length on the left. That is more the length I have to wear now. There were more hip-huggers and bell-bottoms than mini skirts.

If you can go in for a close-up or saw the show please look at the young woman presenting these trends. Note the flowery oversized dress and kind of straggly looking hair.  This is not someone whose opinion I might listen.

I laughed as I watched the “Trends” and did see them in a couple of fashion magazines, but their interpretation just did not make it in my old eyes.  Can’t wait to see you dressed like this at the grocery store.

Perhaps this is why they are called “Trends” and are not classics?



Fashion Trends According to The Today Show

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