Do you have “Daily Chores”?


Luckily the change the diaper stage is long gone, but it seems I start my day basically the same every day.  I have a dear friend that I think starts her day the right way.  She makes a cup of delicious coffee, takes it back to bed and reads for an hour.

I wake up to Frostyman the Cat, sometimes AKA as Asshole Cat, knocking at the bedroom door about 6 AM saying: “Feed Me!  Feed Me!”  Rather than lay there and listen to him, I normally got down and make him happy.  I did not say make me happy, I said make the cat happy.  Then at last I get my coffee.  I attempted letting him sleep in the bedroom like a lot of normal cats do, but he thinks 5 AM is attack the feet if they move on top of the comforter. One, it is not pleasant and two, it is really hard on the well-being of the comforter.

Since I recently started teaching a college class in interior design online, my office hours are 7:30 AM till 9;00 AM.  During that time I read and grade assignments and interact with students on one computer and read my email and Facebook on a second computer. In that time or before, I always run the dishwasher and put away dishes, do one or two loads of laundry and vacuum the floor.  Daily clean up comes with a long-haired cat that is a little messy.  I do laundry every day, because I truly hate doing laundry. My logic in every day laundry is that I do it every day, there isn’t very much with just the two of us and it is over and done with very quickly. When my granddaughter is here in the summer, there is a lot more laundry, but her clothes and little and cute!  Makes a big difference to me somehow.

If I don’t have a blog, I sit down and try to come up with something interesting with my second cup of coffee.  This one decaf or the blog might be too long fired by caffeine. Still my Pj’s I am always a little worried that someone might come to the door, but since I cute Pj’s I am not totally worried.

Shower-time is next so I can check on the chickens, let them out if I am not leaving right away and see if they have added any new eggs.  I often take them a treat too. I figure I should be dressed to clean the outside litter box.  We have a lovely little house that we built on the side steps, that connects to the laundry room with a little door, so there is no litter in the house.  Not a perfect solution, as the cat brings litter in the house on his tail and feet every time, thus the vacuum every day feature of my morning.

With the clean clothes put away, the dishes put away, the chickens happy and the litter box clean I get on with my day.  As you know from a previous post where the weekly trash to the street is my duty, don’t fall under it on the way to the street.  It is not good for your ego or your health.

So do you have the same chores everyday or do you vary by the weekday.  I did most of the same stuff when I working, but added chickens this summer as I am home a lot more time.

Happy Choring!

Do you have “Daily Chores”?

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