Mail Vandalism ~ Why???



No one puts money in letters going out anymore, as it is just not safe. If I do want to send my granddaughter a couple dollars, I drop it off at the post office.

So how many of you have ever had something stolen from your mailbox?  When I first moved to Kingston, I put all my Christmas cards in the mailbox to be sent out. About two hours later, someone knocked on my door and said I might want to come out to the front of my house.  My driveway is about 100 long, so I wondered what this person was talking about.  It seems my 150 or so Christmas cards had been strewn out all down the street and this nice person helped me pick up as many as we could.  So my first year in my new home in Kingston, I sent out very muddy Christmas Cards.

This morning I put a card to my best friend in the mailbox to cheer her up a little, as her mother died a week or so ago.  When I came home, the flag was down, the card was gone, but there was no new mail in the box.  Our mail has been arriving later and later with the holidays.  It did not arrive Monday till about 8:30 PM, so it makes it easy for someone to take it overnight.

Our trash can was still up on the street, and empty, so I looked to see if they might have thrown the card in it, when they discovered there was no money in the card.  Why not just leave it, when you discover there is nothing of value in it.  It saddens me to know I can never again mail anything from my home.

We will be ordering a locking mail box and our pretty copper one will be retired.  It has been bashed a couple of times.  Attempts have been made to steal the copper body of the box and it is not looking so good anyway. It is not fun and it is not funny.  Bashing mailboxes goes back as far as I can remember.  My neighbor where I grew up, put a steel rod down the center of the post and set the mailbox in concrete.  The young teenagers that drove by and hit it with a baseball bat ended up in the hospital with a broken arm. It was a very small town.

I am thinking a locking concrete mailbox is looking mighty good!


Mail Vandalism ~ Why???

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