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bucatini-carbonaraCarbonara is the ultimate easy and fast dinner, so every time I see another article on it with new or a more interesting approach I feel the need to share it.  Well Done is a food blog that I follow, as it has quick and easy suggestions.  Read on…

It has bacon, it has eggs, it has cheese, it has carbs. Why isn’t spaghetti carbonara the most popular breakfast food ever? People think it is difficult and time consuming to make, which it is not.  It is fast simple and simply delicious.

Maybe you are afraid you don’t have the right technique for making Carbonara. There is little to be afraid of.  Just follow a few very simple directions and you will have the best easy breakfast, lunch or dinner ever.  It was I make when I don’t feel like cooking.  I know I have all the ingredients in the pantry or refrigerator and can through it together in as fast as the pasta can cook.  I use bucatini as it has a hole in the middle and holds the sauce.

For the recipe you just need a couple of whisked eggs, some bacon chucks cooked with a chopped onion and the best parmesan cheese you can afford. The better the cheese, the better the carbonara.

Find a large skillet or pan that will fit all the dried pasta. If you can’t lay the spaghetti flat across the bottom, then use rigatoni or another loose pasta. Sprinkle with salt, cover with 4 inches of cold water, cover, and put on high heat. Yes, this goes against everything you’ve been taught. But it works!

While that’s going, cook your chopped-up bacon in a small skillet and, when it’s about halfway done, throw in some chopped onion. Keep cooking until they’re golden and the bacon is crisp, then set aside. No need to drain or anything.

In the biggest bowl you have, whip up your eggs until solidly yellow, then add the cheese.

When the pasta water comes to a boil, get your tongs. Use thm to stir the pasta to make sure it’s not sticking. When it’s al dente, start pulling out with the tongs and and throw it directly into the bowl with the egg/cheese mixture.Don’t drain! You’ll need that extra pasta water to temper the eggs and make it a sauce. Toss in some pasta, toss, toss in more pasta, toss again, and just keep going until it’s all in. Sounds like a lot of tossing, but it really takes less than a minute. You don’t need to place it  back into a pan, as the eggs are fully cooked thanks to the heat of the pasta.

Add in the bacon and onions in, keep tossing and plate with more cheese. Wasn’t that the easiest dinner ever?  Add a salad, or if you not diet conscious a great loaf of crusty bread is perfect.  I love mine with a good red wine.

Get with gusto!

More Carbonara Tips

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