18 Food Hacks You Will Love

This is straight from an online article from Bon Appetit and I thought it was fabulous information.  Please enjoy!

Perfect poached eggs, softened butter in a flash, and more hacks from the internet.

The chefs at Bon Appetit learned lots of interesting food hacks  over time with many of them come from the depths of the internet. Here are eighteen tricks you should have in your arsenal for easy peeled eggs, shredded chicken, softened butter, and much more. Number six might just change your life forever.

1. Peel a Whole Head of Garlic in Seconds

Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your garlic. (Singing optional.)

2. Shred Chicken in Your KitchenAid

Make pulled pork or shredded chicken in less than a minute by giving it a whirl in the KitchenAid. You could also use a hand mixer in a bowl.

3. Cook Pasta in a Skillet

A watched pot never boils, so… don’t boil a whole pot of water. Just cook your pasta in a skillet instead.

4. Peel Tons of Potatoes at Once

Score the potato across the middle and then the skins just peel off post-boiling. Whoa.

5. Peel Eggs, While You’re At It

Making potato salad? You can also peel lots of hard-boiled eggs in a tupperware bowl with a lid. Swirl ’em around until the shells fall off.

6. Chop Those Eggs Without a Knife

Use a cooling rack to press whole boiled eggs through—they’ll chop into little squares.

7. Peel a Mango With a Glass

Then make a batch of this easy coconut sticky rice with mango.

8. Poach Perfect Eggs With a Sieve

For making eggs Benedict without fear!

9. Get Perfectly Ripe Avocados Every Time

Because your avocado toast only deserves the best.

10. Soften Butter in a Flash

If you always forget to bring your butter to room temperature before you bake, this trick is for you.

11. Turn Bananas Into “Nice Cream”

This is the easiest “nice cream” you will ever make.

12. Turn a Baking Sheet Into a Tart Pan

You don’t need a special pan to make this tart—all you need are a rimmed baking sheet and a piece of aluminum foil.

13. Use Unscented Dental Floss to Cut Through Soft Foods

Your cookie dough will never be the same again.

14. Keep Your Brown Sugar From Drying Out

This method works with a piece of bread, too. Brown sugar already rock-hard? Here’s the best way to soften it back up.

15. Make Perfect Ice Cream Sandwiches on the Fly

We’re partial to these pistachio sandwich cookies ourselves.

16. Make Magic Vegan Meringues with Bean Water

An egg-free meringue? Yep, it’s possible.

17. Shuck Corn in Seconds

We’ve got a few ideas for what you can do with all that perfectly-shucked corn.

18. Hull Strawberries with a Plastic Straw

Then use those berries in this strawberry-graham galette!

18 Food Hacks You Will Love

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