Instant Chicken ~ Instant Pot

IMG_1790.jpgIt is a very snowy day here and I started thinking about what I could cook for dinner.  I always have back-up supplies in my garage freezer, so I went out to browse and see what might be good a snowy night.  I realized I had way too much chicken so grabbed a package, thinking I should have thawed this out way earlier.


Hummm.  Instant Pot might do the trick.  I had homemade tortillas left over from the other day and a few interesting ingredients that could make chicken tacos.  Here is a photo of my friendly Instant Pot.

Doing a little online research I found an article about thawing and cooking chicken in an Instant Pot in about ten minutes.  So today I am the “Ten Minute Cook”.  Boy that has a lot of appeal!

The exact time you might use for your Instant Pot would depend on the size and weight of the chicken breasts. Just be sure when you open the pot the chicken is at least a safe 165 degrees. I figure a little higher is better than a little lower.

If you are in a hurry add a little water or chicken broth.  Today I had beef broth and no matter what people say, if it sits about it, you can’t really taste that much difference.  If you are a purest, well that is your problem.

I cut off the ends of some garlic and threw in some taco seasoning and little salt and pepper.

IMG_7158I set the Instant Pot for ten minutes on manual.  When time is up, let it release naturally if not in a hurry.  A quick release if fine for this too.  Not bad for ten minutes or so work.

There you have it, a yummy and quick dinner for working people.  Add a little sauce or throw it in a taco with other taco stuff and have a wonderful dinner.

Instant Chicken ~ Instant Pot

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