Back in the Studio


After my last class with Stanley Beilen, I decided to try a few small paintings on my own.  Looking around, I always can find garlic in my house, as I cook with it most days, so here is “Mr. Garlic”.


When I walked outside, I realized I had these lovely pansies right by my front door, so they became my next painting.


Henry’s is our local “You’ve Got Everything” store and I spotted this pot and lovely little flower and thought they went together well and needed to be painted.  Love this little 8″ x 10″ painting.


Looking for something to paint, I found a photo I took when I visited my son in San Jose. We went to a beautiful Japanese Garden where I took a photo of the lilies. It is a nice memory of a wonderful day.  This one is a little larger at about 12″ x 18″.


My home town of Colusa is home to the Sutter Buttes, the world’s smallest mountain range. This is from a photo I found of the area and really thought captured the beauty of little mountain range.  I sold this to a friend of mine from high school yesterday.  It is 12″ x 24″.

Happy Painting!!

Back in the Studio

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