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It has been an interesting year or two. I was without an art studio for over a year, so it made it hard to want to paint, as I do love working in my studio. But the new studio in California is up and perfect. All new lights, new attitude and time to get back to painting and drawing. It works great, as my new husband loves to watch sports, and I like to go to events, but can’t listen to them or watch them on the television.

This is called “After the Fire” and is 3’0″ x 4’0″. There were many fires right before I moved to California, and we needed something to hide the instant hot water tank above the washer and dryer, so this came into being and is suspended from the ceiling hiding the tank and making laundry easier every morning.
And the Ducks Liked the Boat

This is a 11 inch x 14 inch painting of a photo I took right before Christmas. We were out shopping for a Christmas Tree at a Christmas farm, but it was so crowded I wanted to get away from the masses, and walked to discover this rather derelict row boat sinking in an irrigation canal. I took a photo and was amazed how beautifully it came out. Once I had some time in my studio I put it on canvas. It was certainly different looking for a tree in California than in Washington State.

I am still looking to find a group of art friends, as I have not yet acquired any, where I now live outside of Sacramento. Nor have I found a venue for selling my work, which sold well and often in Washington. If you have suggestions please contact me at

Back to the Art Studio

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