Catch Me If You Can?

When I was young we went to the city to go shopping for fabric and clothes each August. We dressed up and wore hats and gloves. So now you know I’m of a an older generation, as who does that now. When I went to the city right before Christmas, the only gloves worn were to keep your hands warm. There was not a lot of “dressing up”. Downtown it was hard to tell the shoppers from the transients. It’s just so very different. The restaurants are still fabulous, but all the little boutiques are gone, replaced by Gucci and Prada and etc.

I have been going to San Francisco for over forty years, and every time I have been, I have gone to Buena Vista Cafe and had an Irish Coffee. I painted it a while ago, but may go back and work on it. Maybe add some more darks.

San Francisco used to be the perfect place to get away from the mundane life, but now I think it has become the mundane city. It’s so sad that there are so many transients living downtown, and the city is just not as pristine as I remember it was when I was young.

You still can’t beat restaurant life and I still love Cable Cars and all the wonderful restaurants!

Catch Me If You Can?

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