Why do you want to sell your art?

I’m wondering if anyone else has ever been asked this question? If you were asked this question, how would you respond? I’ve told a few people I was asked this question not long ago. I know I did not give you the best response at the time. I said art materials are expensive. This person considers painting and drawing my “hobby”, not my passion. I know with the answer I suggested that I was not being honest, as I felt it was an insult.

I took some time to look online to see if there could be reasons not to want to sell your art. Here are some of the results I discovered:

  1. Someone told you you should.
  2. Somesone told you you shouldn’t.
  3. You need to justify expenses on materials.
  4. Do you need to monetize everything?
  5. To prove your Art is good enough. For what? For whom?
  6. It isn’t a natural step just because you have a lot of work stored in your home.
    • Give it to Charity
    • Paint over it
    • Give to friends
    • Abandon it
      • I’ve done all of these!
  7. There is no quick win for easy money.
  8. Because you enjoy it for fun and selling somehow takes that away.
  9. Because you’re still learning and refining your unique voice.
  10. Because you don’t want to!

I can say I do NOT agree with any of the above statements! But what are good reasons for selling your artwork? Here are answers from the internet:

  1. Creative expression: For artists, creating artwork is a way to express themselves and showcase their creativity.
  2. Financial gain: Selling artwork can provide a source of income for artists.
  3. Exposure: Artwork that is sold can gain exposure and reach a wider audience, potentially leading to more sales and opportunities.
  4. Emotional connection: Artwork can have a deep emotional impact on buyers, creating a sense of connection between the artist and the buyer.
  5. Provide an additional source of income for artists.
  6.  Gain exposure and increase their visibility in the art world.
  7. Validating for artists, as it shows that their work is valued and appreciated.
  8. Can lead to feedback from buyers and collectors, which can help understand the reception of their work.
  9.  Can build name recognition where you reside.

People often ask: When should you start selling your art, not if you should start selling. If you can answer yes to the following statements, then it is time to start selling your artwork.

  1. Have you been drawing regularly for a year or more?
  2. Do you draw at least once a week?
  3. Do you have more than 10 friends or followers on any of your art related social media accounts?
  4. Are you working to get better with each drawing you make?

I have been creating art for many years. I have sold , donated, and gifted to family and friends. I have taken and continue to take classes from experts in many fields. It is ludicrous to ask me: “Why do I want to sell my artwork?” The real question is “Why not”? It is not a hobby. It is my passion. I love creating something that someone else might treasure or enjoy, make them happy, cause them to think or look at something differently. My suggestion to anyone reading this, is to never ask an artist why they want to sell their art! It is a very insulting question and tells you the person asking either does not know much about art and/or artists or does not care that what you do is important to you.

So with that said…. Buy art, the artist will treasure that you appreciate that they created something you will enjoy and want to have in your life. You are buying a tiny part of what is very important to them!

Why do you want to sell your art?

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