Designing a Postcard Ad for RE

Airstream being pulled

Today while listening to classes on real estate I decided it was a good time to sketch while listening.  Multi-tasking and now I need to add color and come up with a By Line.  Anyone have any ideas?  Here are some I was thinking about:

Thinking about making a move?

Ready for a change of scenery?

Where do you want to be at this point in your life?

Don’t think I need to to exert this much energy to move?  What is your idea?

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Designing a Postcard Ad for RE

More Pen & Ink Sketching

Barn with Airstream Boats Chad's House Coyote Ranch Kingston Cove Kingston Hotel copy Main Street Ale House Red Car

Once in a while you find some sort of Art that makes your heart sing.  I think I have found my medium, as this is so very relaxing to me.  After years of teaching hand drafting, I get to use the fun sketchy part of drawing, combine it with a little color and have a finished piece that makes me smile.  Hope you find what makes you happy.

More Pen & Ink Sketching

Pen & Ink

Bad Trailor Green House Old House Point No Point Rowboats

This last weekend I had the pleasure of taking a pen & ink & watercolor class with a well known artist.  Pen & ink has always captured my attention, especially after writing my book “Hand Drafting for Interior Design”

Book cover

Working on the drawings for many days, I found pleasure in the hand drawn line and taking this class I got to put to use all the drawings and techniques I shared in my book.

The group of people that came together for the class were talented, funny and made the weekend such a pleasure.  But the drawing was just pure delight, and learning a new way to add a tad or splash of color to the drawings, made me want to draw, draw, draw and water color a little.

Pen & Ink

Back to Painting

Beach in Black & White

For many years I took classes with a wonderful impressionist artist and enjoyed the time and progress that I made in the class and the other artists that came to paint and learn. I live on the beach and love my morning, evening and anytime of the day view out my back window to the beach beyond.  Over the years I have photographed it and shared the photos here and on Facebook.

Taking the class I wanted to paint the scene in different moods and shades and colors, as it was always changing.  I painted it about three times and our teacher decided for me that I could no longer paint it in class.  I went along with it because she was the pro.  I left that class about three years ago due to political differences.  If we disagreed with her political beliefs we were yelled at, put down and not allowed to say anything in response as it was her home (garage) where we painted.

Time has passed and I do know I learned a lot about colors and how to mix them from her and from watching fellow artists; but I also have since thought about how many times Monet painted haystacks or a cathedral at Rouen in France.  No one told him he could not paint a subject he was fascinated by.  Kevin McPherson, a contemporary artist produced a book called “Reflection on a Pond”, where he painted his own pond 365 days in a row.

Yesterday having passed the real estate broker’s exam, and not being in my studio other than to sew I spent the afternoon painting my interpretation of my view.  I just repainted my master bedroom in gray and have the desire to do a series of paintings in black, white & gray, with maybe one accent color.  Here is the first of this series.  I was inspired by another painting I did earlier called Airstream, that my youngest son loved, so I gave it to him.


Now I am finally inspired to paint again for the sheer joy of it with no intention of running all over trying to sell it or put up another show.  I will post on my website:, but that is as much as I will do going forward.

Back to Painting

Start the New Year with an Adventure


As I have grown older in life I am realizing that it is the adventures in our lives that we treasure, not the possessions.  For Christmas over the years, I have taken my sons on adventures like hot air ballooning (and I am afraid of heights), skiing, out to dinner at wonderful places, cooked great dinners together, attempted camping (but that was in summer and not so successful), river rafting and on a couple road trips.

Now that they are grown and moved on to their lives, these are the things I remember the most and they seem to Too!

Life is not about waking up every morning and wondering what you are going to do, it is about planning your next adventure.  Travel to far away places, different cultures, new and exotic foods and enjoy the moment.  I love running with my granddaughter, laughing in the grocery store and feeling the freedom to make a fool out of myself, if I so desire.


My friend does upside down Christmas trees in her store every year and I love the idea that everything does not have to be how you think it should be.  Life turns our daily life upside down, and that can be a good thing that we accept or something that makes us stressful and unhappy.

I choose the upside down Christmas Tree approach, love where you are what you are doing or Change It.

Start the New Year with an Adventure

Claire is coming to visit


Sewing is my new passion.  I love finding T-shirts from the Goodwill and Vintage fabric and making a modern dress for my three (almost four) year old granddaughter.

These are both from previously slightly used T-shirts and fabric I found vey inexpensively in an antique shop near Shelton, Washington.  Tomorrow I may make matching hats.

Have you noticed I have an obsession with Airstreams.  The dress on the right has a little Airstream appliquéd to the front.  I was making Airstream potholders and thought this could easily be adapted to a dress front.  And here it is.

I am not sure from where my obsession/fascination with Airstreams comes, but I love this American Icon and even though I don’t own one, the thought of it just makes me smile.  Maybe that is what I need to do next in life.  IMG_8099

They keep showing up in my Pinterest, and on my blog.  These are three more Airstream Potholders made this afternoon.  They just make me smile and lately I have needed a little help with that.

In one week, I lost a diamond out of my wedding band, lost my favorite initial necklace (made in England and $$$$), my iPod, my Fitbit and may favorite Purple Leather notebook. I don’t have dementia, but I certainly have trivial property loss.  Just glad I don’t have “brain loss”.  I have also learned by this point in my life they are just material things, and maybe some of them can be replaced.  But DANG!!

Claire is coming to visit

Airstream Potholders


Since I am always making something for someone else, I decided it was time for some new Potholders for my own lovely kitchen.  Making these reminded me of years ago when I was determined to make the perfect crepe.  I made one; I made two; I made 20, I threw the pan across the room and the 21st attempt produced the first perfect crepe.

My temper has mellowed and throwing away the first three or four potholders did not produce the effect of picking up my sewing machine and wanting to throw it and/or using a variety of swear words to express my feelings.

As you grow older, you know eventually you will make it work or not and move on without extreme emotional responses.

That is where I feel I am in my life right now.  Retirement sounded good at the time, but two years later I miss the challenges and successes of working.  I miss producing income on a solid basis and I miss more interaction with people of all backgrounds.  Having finished my Phd, I miss the challenge of the classes and researching and writing papers and I wonder what next in this life?

There must be more to life than making Potholders for fun??

Airstream Potholders

Too Many Tomatoes

Tomato Relish


Or too much time.  When I retired a couple of years ago I thought I would love painting and hopefully selling my art.  But even though it sells here and there, it is not enough to make me want to paint or draw everyday. Sometimes I am inspired and sometimes I am not. 

So last year I took up sewing and thought it would be fun to make dresses for my than my beautiful granddaughter Claire, so made a lot of dresses and got a booth, which then needed more to fill the space than dresses, so I started “junking” and renewing furniture.  I quickly realized you can only make a $5 an hour for the work you do, rather than the $100 an hour I charge for interior design work or the $55 per hour I was paid teaching adjunct.  

The second part of the challenge of having cute little girls dresses, some stuffed animals and children’s chairs and rockers in an mostly unsupervised space is that the clothes got dirty, the caning on antique chairs was broken,  displays were broken, things were scratched, moved and used and even a few small things were stolen.  Stuffed animals lost their ribbons on a daily basis and even though originally everything was labeled, those often disappeared.  

I discovered that most people don’t want or need style or fashionable things; they like what I kindly call junk.  Often a chair I might buy for $10 had four layers of dirty fabric covering the seat.  I would take it all off, redo the padding, and neatly attach a new more stylish cushion. In the long run, I found most of my furniture sold to friends.  

Now I am canning everything from my garden and trying what to do NEXT!  Since I have a PhD in business marketing, that might be a fun new adventure.  I passed the comps, but never at 62 wrote a dissertation.  Maybe I should do that, just so I can say I did.  I am fascinated by Airstreams and Shipping containers.  

Anyone have any great ideas?  

Too Many Tomatoes