Happy Easter

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Happy Easter with new dresses for the granddaughters.  Everyone loved what I made for them this year, and it seems the Easter Egg Hunts were successful.  Brunch brings back fond memories of living in Del Mar and getting together with many friends for Pot Luck Easter Brunch.  Lots of great food with friends and children after church.

Yesterday I went to church in the morning to hear a new friend sing at her church.  It has been a long time since I have been this moved by someone singing, but my friend is amazing and should be doing this on a much bigger stage.  It was sheer pleasure to watch her perform.

After church full swing action with sharing our beachfront front yard with our neighbors family.  We may be finding extra Easter Eggs for ages, but watching then discover all the eggs we lovingly filled was a true delight.  Maybe next year Claire can came join us.  Happy Happy Easter and Here comes Spring.

Happy Easter





Easter always brings fond memories of growing up in my small and rural home town of Colusa, California.  We bought new hats and tailored new dresses made every year.  Dinner at Grandmas house, followed by the egg hunt in the yard, then at our church.  As I grew older and had my own family, new outfits for my three sons and a new elegant hat and dress for me, followed by brunch at my best friends house or our house with lots of kids, food and champagne.  Always sunny smiling times in San Diego.

chad diana easter 1981

Diana and Chad

diana boys easter 1986

Diana with Chadwyck,Kyle and Maxx

diana easter 1985

Chadwyck and Kyle

easter 86

Fred, Chadwyck, Kyle, Maxx and Diana

Now my sons are grown with one granddaughter so far and two graddaughters locally with my new husband, so we are attempting to start a tradition of the the Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch after.  Think may be me going by myself to church, if I get everything ready the day before for a simple brunch the day before.

Hoping my son will send photos of my granddaughter in her new dress, hat and holding her basket and pray someday they will live closer, so we can help the tradition grow.  For now, I love making them dresses and stuffing Easter Eggs.

Hope you all have a loving and happy Easter!


Claire is coming to visit


Sewing is my new passion.  I love finding T-shirts from the Goodwill and Vintage fabric and making a modern dress for my three (almost four) year old granddaughter.

These are both from previously slightly used T-shirts and fabric I found vey inexpensively in an antique shop near Shelton, Washington.  Tomorrow I may make matching hats.

Have you noticed I have an obsession with Airstreams.  The dress on the right has a little Airstream appliquéd to the front.  I was making Airstream potholders and thought this could easily be adapted to a dress front.  And here it is.

I am not sure from where my obsession/fascination with Airstreams comes, but I love this American Icon and even though I don’t own one, the thought of it just makes me smile.  Maybe that is what I need to do next in life.  IMG_8099

They keep showing up in my Pinterest, and on my blog.  These are three more Airstream Potholders made this afternoon.  They just make me smile and lately I have needed a little help with that.

In one week, I lost a diamond out of my wedding band, lost my favorite initial necklace (made in England and $$$$), my iPod, my Fitbit and may favorite Purple Leather notebook. I don’t have dementia, but I certainly have trivial property loss.  Just glad I don’t have “brain loss”.  I have also learned by this point in my life they are just material things, and maybe some of them can be replaced.  But DANG!!

Claire is coming to visit

Getting ready for my granddaughter to visit

claire having coffeeIMG_6634 IMG_6635 IMG_6637 IMG_6638 IMG_6641 IMG_6643 IMG_6644


I always  always look forward to seeing my beautiful granddaughter Claire.  She is the delight of my life.  We cook together and do art together, go to the beach, go shopping, sit and read books, dance when no one is looking and enjoy the best life can to offer.  I often wish that other people could enjoy the shear joy that children see in the world.  It is so fun to enjoy every minute with this beautiful little wonder that my son was so lucky to bring to the US.

Getting ready for my granddaughter to visit

Back to the Sewing Room with a Little Pink Sailor Dress

Pink SailorFinally back to the sewing room to start sewing again. My booth at Red Plantation in downtown Poulsbo is up and running, and my art show is up at ChocMo in Poulsbo.

This dress would fit a 6-12 month old baby and will be in my shop after the Fourth of July

Back to the Sewing Room with a Little Pink Sailor Dress

D~zine is now open at Red Plantation in Poulsbo

IMG_6346 IMG_6347 IMG_6348 IMG_6349 IMG_6350 IMG_6351 IMG_6352D~zine is now open at Red Plantation in Poulsbo

Stop and see my new and first ever booth #Red Plantation in Poulsbo. My dresses and a lot of fun “renewed” furniture projects will be featured there. My focus is mostly for children (and parents and grandparents). It has been a lot of fun getting everything ready. Hope you can stop by and leave a note.


Five Little Dresses all in a Row

Five Little Dresses all in a Row

The other day, I was on a roll and made all these little dresses in one day. Getting close to being ready to have my booth at the Vintage Fair.

As we go through life we invest time and energy into different things and some of them work and/or you just enjoy them and others hopefully can be a bit profitable. When I first retired after teaching for eight years for The Art Institute I painted furiously, and joined a cooperative art gallery. I sold a few pieces and actually sold another this week; but found I was giving more to local auctions than actually selling. Hummm…. What next?

Wrote a Slug Wars book, self-printed and took to several shops. It sells a little and people seem to like it. I went to class to learn how to collage on boxes, made a few and sold several of my Paris design, but still wasn’t satisfied.

Started sewing for my beautiful granddaughter Claire and I think after forty years of not sewing I might have found my new passion. I love putting together fabric for little girls dresses and will see where this adventure takes me. The artist in me loves seeing what different combinations I can put together. The ones featured here are fun everyday dresses made quickly with T-shirts and a yard of fabric.