Designing a Postcard Ad for RE

Airstream being pulled

Today while listening to classes on real estate I decided it was a good time to sketch while listening.  Multi-tasking and now I need to add color and come up with a By Line.  Anyone have any ideas?  Here are some I was thinking about:

Thinking about making a move?

Ready for a change of scenery?

Where do you want to be at this point in your life?

Don’t think I need to to exert this much energy to move?  What is your idea?

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Designing a Postcard Ad for RE

Polka Dots and Airstreams make me smile

Brown & Green DotsPolka Dots and Airstreams make me smile

When I shop for fabric when sewing, I realize I always go to the dots. It made me wonder why do we like certain things. I love polka dots and airstreams and plan to put them together soon in an apron for myself and will share on my Blog.

What in our upbringing forms our taste in colors, flowers, cars and style in general? We all enjoy different things in life.