Figure Drawing at Artist’s Edge

Figure Drawing at Artist's Edge

On Thursday nights in Poulsbo Derek Gundy has a live model come into the Artist’s Edge and we all have the opportunity to spend three hours drawing the model of the evening. Sara is a wonderful model and hold her pose perfectly. I am usually lucky enough to have one or two of my drawings be presentable enough to post.

I love the environment of other artists of all different levels of ability having a great time working on their skills.

There is is always room for more artists as generally only about 8 show up on any given night and there is room for at least 12. come join us!!


Figure Drawing Class

Male Landscape Male Nude TwoFigure Drawing Class

Joining a Figure Drawing Group in Poulsbo at Artist’s Edge has bee fun to add on Thursday nights. Having not done much figure drawing in the last few years, this is challenging as well as worthwhile.

It reminded me when we had our first male model of my first day in Life Drawing my freshman year of art school. I was barely seventeen, raised on a small farm in Northern California and I had never seen a naked man. I sincerely did not know “where” to look, let alone draw.

What can I say, that was a long time ago.


Last pose of the Evening

Last pose of the Evening

Just this last week I started taking a figure drawing class after not doing much in charcoal for a while. The model struck this pose and I thought “how do I do this?”

I like the result. It is only 8 x 8 inches, so not big, but I had fun trying to bring some drama into the pose. Hope I can be posting more in the future.