Adding a Puppy to your home


I used to love my nice quiet mornings.  Wake up at will, make coffee, feed the cat and then check email or write on my blog.  Head out to my art studio to paint.

How would I know that getting a puppy would change my entire life?  My serene home now has a kennel by the front door, a 17-foot fence to block off the living room, a crate in the laundry room and a jillion dog toys and bones and a bed floating throughout the rest of the downstairs spaces. The doors to any other rooms are closed and there is a gate to close off the upstairs.  In the back yard is another kennel for potty training.

The guilt of leaving the dog in the crate makes me jump out of bed the minute I wake up.  Goodbye, leisurely mornings.

The cat constantly teases the dog, so the dog is always chasing the cat.  Keep in mind the cat weighs more than the dog.  This is most likely the first time I have ever regretted that our cat was declawed.


Our puppy came from “Farmland” and she, as you can see, is adorable, but buying from a store has some additional challenges.  She has Giardia which is not fun. She started getting diarrhea about day three, so we have been to the vet several times.  I don’t think I need to describe in more detail, but we did move the in-house kennel from the nice light gray wood floors to the tile by the entry.  The liquid medicine is not her favorite, so this morning, I am not sure if more went down her throat or all over the floor.  I am wondering how you could mix it with peanut butter so she likes it.  No, I think I will just let my husband have this joy (job) for the next few days.

I read that giving her rice and boiled chicken might help diarrhea, so I made up several batches.  The first two batches went well, but the third was a little more stuck together.  Well, it became a toy, and as she played with it, batting it throughout the dining room, kitchen and hall as it deteriorated in small clumps.  It only took a half-hour to sweep and vacuum it all up, while both the cat and dog chased me trying to eat it.

So my quiet and serene morning began, by running the dog outside to pee, coming in, noticing more pee on the wood floor, that she must have snuck that in earlier when my husband let her out at 5 AM; feeding the cat, chasing the ball of rice-chicken around the house, cleaning up poop in the entry, cleaning the chicken/rice more and then I finally got to make a cup of coffee.

As I am making the coffee, the dog makes a run at the 17-foot fence, knocking it over and scaring itself.  Uprighting a 17-foot fence is not the easiest thing to do, but I did and it is now held in position by two of my dining room chairs.

It’s an hour later and I finally get my first cup of coffee.

I turn seventy this week, and though I am generally high energy, I wonder if I have enough to deal with a cat and a new puppy at this age.

I have actually had a couple painting classes and done a little Urban Sketching, just no time to post.

Adding a Puppy to your home

Life with a Cat


Life with a cat is never dull when he or she is not sleeping, which is 95% of the time.  But the minute the monster within awakens your home is never the same.

It was sunny in Seattle this morning, a rare occurrence in middle of February. The sun came out and showed every piece of cat litter across my living room, dining room and unfortunately my kitchen counter.  How does that litter manage to get everywhere.  I understand the pine needles that come in from all the trees.  I understand dust and even understand a light dusting of cat fur throughout the house.  But I do not understand the dispersement of  cat litter throughout the floor and up the stairs.

Every morning I diligently clean the cat’s litter box and every day, there it is, all across the floors, on the chairs and glaring at me!  I vacuum every day trying to win the battle, but the cat litter wins.  We even have a special cat door to an outside yet enclosed litter box with a catch pad as he steps out of his custom-made litter “house”.

As I watch him preen himself on the back on one of my living room chairs I can just see the collection of cat fur collecting.  One of the funniest times, was when we had an ottoman the same color as our cat right in front of the fireplace, the favorite napping spots for most cats. My brother was visiting and sat on the ottoman in corduroy pants standing up with a total fur coat attached to his derriere.  I laughed so hard I almost cried.

Our cat is called Frostyman the Cat, but is kindly known as Asshole cat.  Whatever you do, do not disturb his napping place.  You WILL be attacked!  The eyes get big, the ears go back and the hiss is heard. Do pay attention, because if you walk away, he will attack your legs.  This is a lot worse in the summer with bare legs.

If you do not feed him right on time he will constantly remind you, that no matter what your are doing, his needs are far more important.  But this is the only time he is quite loving.  Purr, rub, snuggle and FEED me!

So why do we have a cat.  Occasionally they honor you by sitting on your lap, but only if you are reading a book or a magazine or if you have you Ipad or Kindle in your hands.  And please move whatever is in his way, because he is making you “happy” by placing his twelve or more pounds in your lap and please don’t ever get up, as it is the same reaction as if you might need to actually use that chair in front of your laptop.

As I wrote once before it is imperative not to leave your half finished glass of water anywhere, as what you might not realize is that glass is not really yours.  It is an upscale cat watering dish shared when you are not looking.  I keep thinking I should just leave a nice glass of scotch out to share with Frostyman and see how much he drinks.  Just a thought.

If you have a solution for cat litter, cat behavior or lack of….   I would love to know what it is!  In the mean time, it must be meal time, as he is rubbing my pajama leg and purring quite loudly.

Life with a Cat

The Litter Dance


This is Frostyman the Cat not wanting to model his lovely new Christmas outfit. I wonder if I am the only cat owner that wonders if your cat wakes up in the middle of the night takes a cup of cat litter and dances around the room (rooms) throwing it here and there.

When I retire at night, after watching TV or reading with Frostyman in my lap or in an adjacent chair I nicely put him out of the bedroom and close the door.  I know when I went upstairs to relax that I had a very clean floor.

When I come down in the morning there is magically spread cat hair and cat litter through out the entire downstairs and of course cat hair at the top of the stairs where he has impatiently been waiting for me to open the door and go down and feed him.

It always amazes me just how much litter and cat hair can appear overnight.  Now I do understand the pine needles that magically appear too, but the amount of litter always amazes me.

I clean the litter box every morning, so it is not from having a dirty box. Maybe I should try a new litter every time I buy new litter.  There has got to be something that does not come with the cat from the litter box.  We already have the litter box, so the cat goes through a door to his own private bathroom.


So here is his private entry to his private bathroom,


and here is his outdoor litter area.  I am thinking next house have a tunnel about six feel long to get there, with a grate he has to walk across, kind of like the ventilated plastic on this door that opens.

If anyone can suggest a better litter or better idea.  Please share with me.

The Litter Dance


Ever have a moment when you are just angry with your body.  Not because you are chubby, or short or can’t run as fast anymore.  Mine decided that it was allergic to the best cats I ever had.  I found them a wonderful new loving home and they left today.  But I am profoundly sad, as I walk through the house where the door is now open to my closet, and the climbing tree is gone.  No more little tiny footprints running to greet me as I come to door, no more purring machines to make me smile… No one excited to eat the canned food I gave them morning and evening without ever a complaint.  I am upset with my body for rejecting the ability to have them as my friends. I am normally a very happy person, but tonight I don’t think I could smile for anything.

With a cat, you are never lonely, but you don’t have to work as hard as with a dog to make them happy.  They are content with food, water and a good lap to love.  But I kept waking up in the middle of the night and could not get my breath.  Finally figured out they had brought back on the asthma I suffered from over twenty years ago, and I know it will take a while to be back to normal if it ever is.

We had Siberian Forest cats for a couple of years, but the cats had so many dietary issues (poop almost swung on the ceiling) and vet bills and negative personality issuers, it was the first time in my life I had ever had cats that I did not bond with.

But with these two pound cats maybe I bonded because we are both were of  “Heinz variety”  mixed bag cultural backgrounds.  Who knows.  Never thought I would be affected so much by their departure.  But I guess literally “They took my breath away”.

Tomorrow will be a new day, and I  will get used to open doors, and not finding toys in my slippers and losing my books to the middle underneath the king bed.  Just my thought for the day.   So sad.


Asthma forces finding new homes

IMG_8800 IMG_8803 IMG_8806 IMG_8810

Love these guys, but they brought my asthma back.

These are the two best cats I have ever had. Picasso is a Tuxedo and Gertrude (after Gertrude Stein – Picasso’s Mentor and good friend) is a Calico. They are neutered, spayed, front de-clawed, have shots, have never missed the litter box, are purring machines and I love them to pieces, but cannot breathe if around them very much.

With heavy heart I have to find them a home. They have never been separated, so would like to see them together. They come with food, a cat tree, litter box (and litter) and lots of love. Please help me find a good home for them. 

I get to keep them or get to breathe. Had not had a asthma attack in ten years, but as they are changing from kittens to cats, it came back. They are about four months old. They are irresistible!

Please let me know if you know anyone that would love to add two gorgeous loving cats to their home.  Must be local.

Asthma forces finding new homes

Loved my cats… But

Loved my cats...  But

So nice to wake up to:

No cat licking my face at 3 am
No cat throw-up
No cat hair all over my bed
No anonymous cat hair in kitchen sink
Ability to leave closet door open
And bathroom door open
No stinky poop smell in laundry room
No diarrhea on window ledges or book cases
No more scratches on grand piano
No gross litter box to have to clean
No loud meowing at 6am or 11pm
No cat between me & my computer screen
No cat pulling pushpins off my bulletin board
No cat eating my family photos
No cat breaking my miniature Airstreams just for the joy of it
Ability to let dog out and leave the door open
No cat laying on my paperwork

Did I miss anything??