Happy Easter

Easter was always a special day in our lives when my sons were young and we were a family of five.  The boys were dressed alike, of course I had a new hat with matching dress or visa versa and we all went to church and shared Easter Egg hunts and Pot Luck brunches at one of our houses.  It was a wonderful of great friends, good food and happy children chasing around the yards in a frenzy looking for the best egg or surprise, as we hid trucks and etc.

As the years passed and the boys grew and we moved away from that community, Easter has become quieter.  I no longer have that great group of friends to say to “Come on over and bring the kids”, so it looks differently these days.  My youngest son came to dinner, so I had a lovely morning cooking.

Paul Hollywood’s Chocolate Almond Cake is wonderful with a cherry infusion and chocolate ganache frosting.  After a taste we sent it next door to my neighbor having a bigger get together.  Dinner was simple with a butterflied, rolled and stuffed leg of lamb.  Using Giada De Laurentils recipe, it was a tad dry, so would add a stock bath in the pan next time.  The Arugula Salad sitting on Ricotta was tasty, but I would use a lot less dressing than she called for in her recipe.  The Artichoke Risotto was perfection.


Happy Easter

Hats! I love Hats…..

Saw this article on women wearing beautiful hats to church.


Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.41.10 AM.png

It brought back wonderful memories of days at The Del Mar Turf Club in the 80’s when we would go and wear the most beautiful hats we could find. We wore those hats to church and to luncheons and felt very glamorous.

I wonder where that glamor has gone.  In Washington, the closest thing you see to a hat is a knitted hat to keep your head warm in the winter.  Some atrosious thing that smashes down your hair with a puff on top.  Not so elegant any more.

I found a couple of “very old” photos of me in a hat in the 1980’s:

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.55.21 AM.png Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.54.42 AM.png

I still have several of the hats from this era and have shared them with a friend for use in a Vintage Fashion Show.  Don’t think either of these still grace my closet.  I do wish they would become fashionable once again, as I love the idea of a new hat to go with a new Easter Outfit every year.

Hats! I love Hats…..

Breaking Bread


With Easter coming soon and Spring baking bread seems the perfect way to spend a day. When I was younger I often “attempted” to make bread, but always seemed so busy raining my three sons, there was never enough time to devote to it.  Now I have the freedom of time, it may be fun to see just how many different kinds I can successfully and perhaps unsuccessfully make.

Yesterday it was plain white bread, like my wonderful German mother-in-law, Josephine  used to make with my sons every time she came to visit.  Looking back I wish I had taken the time to watch, learn and listen as she worked with the boys.  At the time, I wanted to give her some one on one time with my sons.  I can still them working together in the kitchen.

The Great British Bakeoff gave me a little inspiration, so I ordered Paul Hollywood’s cookbook.  Not really sure if I bought it for contents or cover. (If you know what I mean)  It has lots of good recipes, but get out your calculator as it is all grams and liters versus Teaspoons, Tablespoons and Cups,

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 9.34.30 AM.png

Wonder what bread would be fun to try next.  I now understand why people bake bread. It tastes great right out of the oven.  You feel great slamming that dough around.  Aggressions disappear and you kneed and roll that dough.

Ever having a bad day, just make some bread dough, take a walk while letting it rise, then knead some more.  Have a cup of tea (or a scotch) while it rises, then bakes.  They hopefully you will enjoy a little slice of heaven with butter and jam.

Can’t wait to make bread with my six year old granddaughter this summer.

Happy Baking!  Cheers!

Breaking Bread

Happy Easter

_SDI0296 IMG_8959


Happy Easter with new dresses for the granddaughters.  Everyone loved what I made for them this year, and it seems the Easter Egg Hunts were successful.  Brunch brings back fond memories of living in Del Mar and getting together with many friends for Pot Luck Easter Brunch.  Lots of great food with friends and children after church.

Yesterday I went to church in the morning to hear a new friend sing at her church.  It has been a long time since I have been this moved by someone singing, but my friend is amazing and should be doing this on a much bigger stage.  It was sheer pleasure to watch her perform.

After church full swing action with sharing our beachfront front yard with our neighbors family.  We may be finding extra Easter Eggs for ages, but watching then discover all the eggs we lovingly filled was a true delight.  Maybe next year Claire can came join us.  Happy Happy Easter and Here comes Spring.

Happy Easter





Easter always brings fond memories of growing up in my small and rural home town of Colusa, California.  We bought new hats and tailored new dresses made every year.  Dinner at Grandmas house, followed by the egg hunt in the yard, then at our church.  As I grew older and had my own family, new outfits for my three sons and a new elegant hat and dress for me, followed by brunch at my best friends house or our house with lots of kids, food and champagne.  Always sunny smiling times in San Diego.

chad diana easter 1981

Diana and Chad

diana boys easter 1986

Diana with Chadwyck,Kyle and Maxx

diana easter 1985

Chadwyck and Kyle

easter 86

Fred, Chadwyck, Kyle, Maxx and Diana

Now my sons are grown with one granddaughter so far and two graddaughters locally with my new husband, so we are attempting to start a tradition of the the Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch after.  Think may be me going by myself to church, if I get everything ready the day before for a simple brunch the day before.

Hoping my son will send photos of my granddaughter in her new dress, hat and holding her basket and pray someday they will live closer, so we can help the tradition grow.  For now, I love making them dresses and stuffing Easter Eggs.

Hope you all have a loving and happy Easter!


Leah’s New Dress

Leah's New Dress

As I continue sewing and exploring fabrics and patterns I am starting to discover some things about modern patterns. Some leave out important instructions, some (like this one one) take too much fabric and could have been designed to have the same effect using a lot less fabric. If this dress were made for a two year old it might be too heavy for her to wear comfortably , even in a lightweight cotton.

Next on my horizon is buying mannequins the sizes of my three granddaughters so I can make the dress, and play clothes to fit even though they are not here.

Last night after a quiet Easter, thinking about Easter’s in the past I realized I missed the egg hunts and Easter Brunches when my sons were small and now so look forward to having them once again as my two granddaughters come back form New Zealand, and hopefully my granddaughter Claire can come or move closer. Having time to spend with these beautiful girls is so rewarding.

Easter is a time for family and friends, and I can honestly say I missed mine this year, but it was nice to spend time making something for one of my special granddaughters.


New Look in Easter Dresses

IMG_5614 IMG_5623 IMG_5622New Look in Easter Dresses

While shopping in Edmonds we walked by H&M and saw this jacket. It is purple, it is moto and it was in Claire’s size! I thought why combine moto with lace, as it is one of my favorite looks. Just wished they had the jacket in my size! Too cute.

The dress was my most complicated so far, as it is not one, but two layers and the lace is quite delicate. I loved the bottom of the lace, which you trimmed to a scallop when the dress was complete.

It will probably be a wear on Easter once dress, as it is quite delicate and Please Chadwyck take a photo for me with her dressed and holding her Easter Basket.