Love sketching

I was in Vacaville, California when the pandemic began and it was a time, when the big excitement of the day was going for a drive or sitting on the front porch having a glass of wine. I don’t sit still well, so got some pens and started sketching the neighborhood. My oil paints were still in Washington, so could not paint. (Won’t do that again). Here are some of the in house and neighborhood sketches done at that time.

I started with simple sketches around the house.

Beautiful roses in a vase. Probably should have added color. (Oh well)

Drew the house on the corner.

And the house across the street.

Then added color to the house on the corner across the street.

Another house right across the street

And added color

Drew a tree rose in the front garden

Drove back to Bainbridge where I drew my girlfriend’s flower pot. I moved to my little Port Ludlow Cottage and spent the next couple of months trying to organize and move in to the house.

My friend and I were out and about and stopped in Port Gamble in a newly opened wine bar for a glass and a charcuterie plate and I like the house so I took a photo on the way out and drew the house below. I had an extra frame, so I framed the house and dropped by as a gift to the owners.

Once in a while it is just fun to do a nice and unexpected gift!

Love sketching

Poulsbo, Washington

Poulsbo Telephone Booth Poulsbo Phone Booth


Poulsbo, Washington is such a lovely little city with lots of wonderful restaurants and shops.  I often take guests there to shop a little, eat a little and wine a little.  One of the fun places is our local “Hare & Hounds Public House, where you can get great food and in the summer sit out on lawn and enjoy Poulsbo like a tourist.  In the next few weeks, I will be adding more Poulsbo attractions to my blog.  I live it Kingston and love it there too, and will be SO glad when Kingston has as much to offer as Poulsbo or Bainbridge Island.  Stay tuned for more drawings.IMG_8881


Sometimes it is fun to show the photograph that prompted the drawing.  In this case there needed to be a bit of editing to make it a little more interesting or hopefully so at least.  Maybe a person actually using the booth (if it is operational) would have been more fun.  When I was teaching at The Art Institute of Seattle, I often asked my students how many of them had ever used a “Telephone Booth” and unless the student was over 50, they really did not have the concept of what they were or how to use them.

When I was working my way through college in sales, I had to use telephone booths (often in not so wonderful neighborhoods) and a map, not a map book, but a map to try to find the homes of my clients.  This part, the gps/cell phone part of life I believe is much improved.   The not talk to the person standing next to you and texting them, not so much.

Poulsbo, Washington

More Pen & Ink Sketching

Barn with Airstream Boats Chad's House Coyote Ranch Kingston Cove Kingston Hotel copy Main Street Ale House Red Car

Once in a while you find some sort of Art that makes your heart sing.  I think I have found my medium, as this is so very relaxing to me.  After years of teaching hand drafting, I get to use the fun sketchy part of drawing, combine it with a little color and have a finished piece that makes me smile.  Hope you find what makes you happy.

More Pen & Ink Sketching

Venice Night

Venice Night

Finding a book about Whistler’s work, I so enjoyed the style of some the drawings. The work in the book is pastel and pen, but colored pencil and ink along with a black pen were fun for me.

Having traveled to Italy last June I have lots of fun photos to work with from the different areas. I would love to know what you think??